Churchillian Perspectives on Lovers Day

Churchillian Perspectives on Lovers Day

I thought I would do something a little different today for Valentine’s Day. 

"Love the Pug"

“Love the Pug”

I receive newsletters, email, poems, etc, all talking in beautiful, sweet, soppy, pathetic, glorious and other ways about love.  They are good and some very moving.  I am taking a little different approach just because….No reason given other than I want to.

 When one thinks of Winston Churchill the feeling of soft, loving, sensual emotions don’t come readily to mind.  At least it doesn’t for me, but to each to their own.
The man was short and broad, tough and gruff and had an incredible sense of humor. His views of life and commitment are etched in many of our minds.
Remember that ever famous Churchill quote:  Never give in!  Never give in!  Never, Never, Never, Never…in nothing great or small, large or petty.  Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”
Here is a story that I think many men and woman wish they could have used (with a few variations in terms of anatomy…a hairy lip you may not have) when finding themselves not making that match of a lifetime. Or possibly at the end of a date that they knew would with absolute certainty be the last or they would relocate to a foreign country to avoid any further contact.
Churchill on a date! 

When Churchill was in his 20’s and was still wearing a moustache he took a young lady to dinner.  During dinner he found that she belonged to an opposing political party (somewhat relevant to our current political climate) and had views he did not ascribe to.  Towards the end of the dinner she commented, Mr. Churchill, I care neither for your politics nor your moustache.”  Churchill replied,Don’t distress yourself because you are not likely to come in contact with either!”

 Two further statements on love attributed to Churchill bear mentioning:
‘It is hard, if not impossible to snub a beautiful woman – they remain beautiful and the rebuke recoils.”
“If you want to live long and prosper…..don’t forget flowers” (Churchill actually never said that.  It is just a reminder for those who seek and wish to maintain peace with those from Venus.)
Churchill was a man who knew war, destruction and how to fight those whose purpose it was to spread hate and evil.  The reality is that those who really fight against evil are deeply rooted in Love:  not just the feeling kind.  He knew how to fight for what he was committed and loved and retained a sense of humor.  Loving deeply, defending what we love fearlessly and maintaining perspective and humor.
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