Dear Optimist

Dear Optimist

Dear Optimist, Your “look on the bright side” attitude is great for you, but not for me. I need to be in this moment and acknowledge my feelings, not be ashamed of them.

Dear Optimist, Your cheery tone is frustrating me because I wish it was as easy as “thinking positive,” but it’s not.

Dear Optimist, It’s okay not to be okay. No matter what you say I’m still me. I still have break downs. I still have anxiety. I don’t need to be fixed.

Dear Optimist, I promise. I’m not a pessimist. I’m just having a rough moment.

Dear Optimist, You say tomorrow will be better. For me, it might not be. For me, tomorrow I might be just as anxious as I am today. But that’s okay.

Dear Optimist, My world isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. It’s not always another day in paradise. Sometimes it’s another day lost in a deep dark forest, storming while trying to search for a way out. Drowning in the depths of an ocean with nowhere to go. But that’s okay.

Dear Optimist, I really do appreciate your efforts trying to make me feel better. But sometimes I just need to be.



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