Divorce: Don’t reclaim your life, reclaim YOU!

Divorce: Don’t reclaim your life, reclaim YOU!

You Don’t Have to Take the Same Roads

Your parents surrounded you in walls of rules and kept you under their wings to make sure you didn’t fall when your rode your first bike, or crash your first car, or when you walked across the stage to get your diploma, or towards the altar to say “I do”. Everything your parents, teachers, churches taught you were to keep you safe. That usually meant teaching you the same roads they walked, the straight-and-narrow, the tried-and-true, the way it’s always been done.

Marriage is full of generations of tradition and ritual and expectations…..the way it’s always been done. Often, spouses are rigidly attached to these traditions, or their version of it, and they become controlling.

Feel how clear the air is now?

There is no one around you who has the power to tell you what to do.

Oh, they’ll try, but you call the shots now.

In all this chaos and change, you are going to do things your way because you can, and because you’ve learned to listen to your gut. This is what divorce is all about. If there was ever a time to NOT go back to your old life, this is it!

This is YOUR moment, this is IT!

If you want to see all those dreams come true, then put your walking shoes on, grab your sunglasses and GO!

There is absolutely nothing now to stop you. Nothing and no one can tell you what to do.

There are no more expectations that you have to respond to.

It’s all about you, your deepest wishes and your deepest gifts.

What did you give up in order to marry?  If you want to  climb a mountain, go to medical school, have a baby, learn to dance, throw a big party, have your own business, run a marathon, do it! NOW! Don’t wait, because life has a way of moving in and making us complacent again. We don’t get chances to start over very often. Don’t waste it! As the Army says “Be All You Can Be”. Five years from now, look back with pride at what you created..no regrets!

Go for it, it’s all out there waiting for you!

The world is waiting for the authentic, heart-filled YOU!!!

Get out there and claim it!

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