Divorce Fall

Divorce Fall

Life is Messy

Outside my window, leaves are falling like a heavy, rust covered snow. As beautiful as it is to watch, they don’t fall into leaf bags or in neat piles. In fact, they seem to target my pool, which means my leaf baskets “runneth over” or that I am pulled from my writing desk every half hour as I hear my pump sucking air. Oh boohoo, I hear you shout, especially from our friends in Winnipeg, Canada already enjoying -5 degrees whilst I’m still in shorts and a t-shirt.

As Thom is soooo deep… and looking to nature for life’s inspirations, today this is what I have-


Divorce definitely feels like a free fall. Not like the so-called rug has been pulled out from under us–more like the airplane disappeared and you’re falling from a great height. During that fall, it seems like there’s nothing to grab on to, like everything you knew or had planned for your future disappeared with the plane.  As you free fall, the air is blasting past you at such a rate that you can’t breathe or do anything other than know that the ground is coming.

First, beware what you try to grab hold of. Anything or anyone is probably not a parachute and is also falling. So instead, know that your feet will touch the stable ground again and not with a splat. Things that are rushing past you will slow down, and your life will become your type of “normal” again.

Don’t Get Clogged Up

I remember being bombarded with information from family, friends, lawyers, and even my ex. Everyone had an opinion and shoved it so far down my throat that I choked on trying to make any simple rational and fair decisions. So, clean out your “leaves” more often. Write down your thoughts and feelings multiple times a day. Prepare your thoughts before opening your mouth. I know I can have a sarcastic and hurtful tongue. Especially, if I have been hurt or feel backed into a corner and divorce is a tight and painful one. I found writing down what I needed to say and preparing before that difficult conversation helped me keep an even temperament and manage the flow of conversation. “Don’t let your emotions choke you, and swallow your pride often.”


And in the end it’s all how you look at it – “I’m Falling” or “I’m Flying”

Are all those fall leaves making a mess or making way for new growth in the spring? The changing seasons show us that there are always new things ahead. During the change, enjoy the golden fall beauty, as soon enough spring will be in the air.

With Love of all things golden orange and a positive attitude,



P.S. Save the landfill and get happy mulching

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