Does My Child’s School Have to Enforce My Custody Agreement?

Does My Child’s School Have to Enforce My Custody Agreement?

If you live in Illinois, have children, and are in the middle of a divorce, you probably have a parenting plan or agreement. This can cover many areas, but one of the most important is the allocation of time children are supposed to spend with each parent.

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse is not following your plan, it will be important to learn how to enforce the agreement. This can only be done through the courts.

Hopefully most custody agreements are easily agreed upon and take into account the best interests of the child. However, there are custody agreements, especially ones where one parent was abusive, that dictate only one parent is allowed to see the child and take the child out of school.

Under these circumstances, it is important to communicate the arrangement to the school. You can provide a copy of the order which shows who is allowed to pick the child up from school.

The school will most likely enforce the agreement if it is a court order. Schools generally like to follow court orders, although there will be times when the school will prefer not to get involved.

When it comes to divorce, what’s most important is deciding what is best for the children. Even if it’s not easy to agree how to handle custody, once it is decided schools should know and understand the terms of the arrangement so they can help with enforcement.

Custody agreements after a divorce require careful planning. Be sure to consult your divorce attorney to ensure that all of those steps are completed.

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