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Donate to I’veMovedOn

Help us help you help we ;)

Help is sometimes the hardest thing to ask for, but sometimes if we don’t ask, we cant MoveOn.

I came up with the idea of IMO during dark times that happened to be in a light place. I had just found out about the affair, and was looking at a difficult divorce, but was on a business trip to Southern Italy. Sometime during that trip, whilst driving and seeing the harvest of the Olive trees, I got the sense that this could be a time of growth in my own personal life.

“From dark soils can come a bountiful harvest.”

That and also some excellent wine and Limoncello became the fertile foundation of IMO and I learned that even when down, we can look up. This change in life occurred over six years ago. But from that seed, we have grown to be read on every continent by hundreds of thousands of people each month. Dozens of you share your stories to help others go through break up or divorce. Never negative. Always positive. Looking at a future of possibilities.

This growth and investment does not come for free. Not just in hours but also investing in the tools such as our current 4th generation site. We still have a long way to go and many amazing new ideas and services to continue to share our positive message to help to those in need.

If you enjoy our stories and conversations, please help us continue to Move On and make a monthly or one time donation.

Or, you can also type in IveMovOn-20 once inside of Amazon, upon checkout, and Amazon will donate a small percentage of your purchase to IMO!

Thanks in Advance


p.s. please feel free to email me directly with question or comment at

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“Healing for the broken hearted. A map, guide and community to move on positively/fantastically in life with a healthy beaming smile”
Thom. Thom is the originator and alter-ego of Divorce Survivor, Single Parent, and now moving on to new adventures in Life. Follow his journey here every week, or on Instagram and Facebook.

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