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When You Don’t Want to Let Go, but They Already Have

Have you ever been there? You see a post from an ex on social media and he’s just livin’ la freaking vida loca. Maybe a friend tells you she saw him out with a new woman. Perhaps you’re still together, but you know he’s already emotionally checked out. You can feel it, but you don’t want to admit it to yourself, let alone anyone else.

He’s moved on and you know it.

You’re not exactly sure when it happened, but you can feel the miles of distance between you. Or, you can remember the exact moment where something changed. One of you said something that you couldn’t take back.

“Let go of those who are already gone.”

Powerful, concise, and incredibly painful. If we know the statement is true then why do we hold on for so long?

Let’s make this the time we decide to release people from our emotional captivity. There are 7.125 BILLION people on the earth and we get so damn stuck on 1. I know that there was something special about them, but I promise you that you can find a connection with someone else…when you really decide you want to. If you know that he has already moved on, emotionally or physically, it’s time to really let him go. This also applies to friendships and unfortunately, sometimes family members. If you can feel deep down in your core that someone has walked away from you then it’s time. It all starts with the decision to do it, then I promise your heart will follow. So starting today, whenever the thoughts or pain start to creep back in, say it in your head, out loud, in the mirror, to your mama, or to your dog…”I release you.” Say it, believe it, and watch your life change.

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Aba Arthur is a poet, dessert enthusiast, & classically trained actress. She has a passion for creating entertainment with empathy. Though she is no relationship expert, she has a countless number of break-ups to draw from. Don’t worry not just her own…also those from her friends and loved ones who have since crowned her “The Break-up Cleanser.” Okay, no she just made that up but it sounds good so she’s going to keep it. She created The 21 Day Ex- Boyfriend Cleanse when going through yet another friends’ time of heartbreak with her and realized that it worked! After examining the freedom from cleansing from a romantic relationship, she continued The Break Up Series to encompass numerous ways in which one can be released from a situation to become the best version of themselves. Aba enjoys long walks on the beach & cliches, which is why she & her Husband currently reside in Los Angeles, CA. She hopes, wishes, and prays that you will find success through The Break Up Series and ultimately find a place where your heart is cherished and happy… ;) Visit here: www.thebreakupseries.com

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  1. Michele
    July 30, 07:28 Reply
    Yes!! This is such great advice and we've ALL been there before!
    • Anonymous
      August 17, 11:21 Reply
      We sure have! Thanks for reading Michele ?

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