Enjoy The Holidays As A Single Parent

The holidays for most people are a time of joy and festivities; a time to celebrate a special holiday with one’s family. However, for a single parent, holiday celebration that would ordinarily bring cheer can often instead bring with them

Outlined Santa riding his sleigh

Printable coloring activity.

anxiety, fear, and depression. Whether you are worried that you won’t be able to afford presents for the kids, or that you won’t be able to see the kids at all, there are a myriad of things single parents can and do worry about. Today, we will be talking about how you, as a single parent, can still enjoy the holidays as any other person would.

Making the transition to a single parent is exceedingly difficult; there is no question about that. Letting go of past experiences and overcoming the sense of loneliness is torturous. However, one way you can more fully and happily experience the holidays is to say goodbye to old family traditions you once did while married and create new ones. Although some traditions – like the introduction of the Christmas tree into the house, presents, and Christmas dinner – are integral to the Christmas experience. Thus, we recommend you create and introduce new unique traditions to your family to make the Christmas experience as a single parent unique.

Another thing single parents can do with their kids is go on vacation for Christmas! Yes, that’s right, vacationing for Christmas can make Christmas with your kids unique and pleasurable in a way that the children will no doubt appreciate. This is particularly effective for people who live in areas that typically do not get snow. People who live in these areas can afford their children an archetypal Christmas with lots of snow and traditional Christmas ambience. If you’re looking for holiday celebrations outside Christmas then this can work fine too. Depending on the typical ambience associated with the season, you can choose a destination accordingly and have a blast with your kids.

However, if you share the holiday with your former spouse, we strongly suggest you spend time with your parents or other family members. Furthermore, do not send the children off with a spirit of anger, jealousy, or sadness. Rather, encourage them to have a good time and tell them how excited you will be to see them again. At the end of the day, we all want the children to have a merry Christmas and we definitely do not want them to be sad or confused.

Christmas is a time of ubiquitous love and joy that everyone should experience. Unfortunately, being divorced can make Christmas feel like a divisive, frustrating, and perhaps even enraging time of year. Don’t let that sort of Christmas chaos get to you and appreciate what you have rather than what you want. We fully understand that being a single parent is difficult, but if you follow the tips put forth here, we are certain you can have a happier holiday!


illustration of an xmas tree outline

Print and color with your kids! Coloring is a great bonding and stress relieving activity. Enjoy watching your kids make the Christmas tree from their imagination come to life on paper.

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