Enjoy Your Self

Enjoy Your Self

Such a simple and tried term, yet an unassumingly-powerful one, nevertheless.

When was the last time you actually took some real time off? By this question I don’t simply mean the occasional break from work, chores, bores, obligations, etc…but real time off with and for your Self?

We all need nurturing, from birth to death, but nowhere is this source of care more important—and ideally, of highest quality—than from our own individuals.

Just this passed Saturday I finally “tricked ” myself into enjoying some time off. I did it in such a way that I was without my car, without connection to the web, without any work, and simply in quiet solitude left with not a care other than to feed myself.

What a blissful exercise this was. Within the first hour I was able to communicate—meaningfully—to two of my best friends, my twin brother, and then had enough time, imagination, and gumption to converse with ME about all sorts of things that have been going on in my life. It’s funny how, oftentimes, the most important things worth inquiry and consideration take a back seat to our task and goal-seeking droning.

Taking time off to really reflect, re-evaluate, and check my driving actions has so far proven to be a powerful resource in helping to cultivate clarity and revisit the sense of purpose for my personal bigger-picture. While I can’t honestly say that I’ve yet turned this into a regular practice, I can only imagine how beneficial it would be if I were to do it with greater frequency. For now, however, I’ll stick to chilling out and start planning these solo-flights of inner-space fancy as often as needed.

Anyhow, if you’ve been busting tail for quite some time and are beginning to show signs of burnout, fatigue, or dissatisfaction toward what’s being pursued, then please, take some time out for You. You’ll thank yourself later ;B

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  1. Wellandjoy
    August 19, 16:45 Reply
    This is sweet but yet very important, we work very hard and forget to play and relax... i must say, treating yourself, me time or giving yourself time to reflecting on your work is greatelly needed and it will do you good, trust.
  2. Jason Clark
    August 29, 14:42 Reply
    At the supersonic speed at which our lives are changing/moving these days, taking time for yourself to introspect about yourself, thinking about the life purpose or maybe just having some time all alone has become a lot tougher. But it's very important and I too think that everyone should, once in a while, have some quality solo time in the open, with the birds, out in the greens or anywhere where it is somewhat peaceful. Sometimes, solitude is all what we need to rejuvenate and reinvent ourselves. Excellent read!
  3. Ramona
    September 15, 20:03 Reply
    Great advice! Another term that again is easier said than done. I must say I can't recall the last time I actually took some time off for myself. No electronics, no car, no nothing and just relaxed. I use to meditate and practice yoga and it would really help me concentrate and relax when I needed to get away for awhile, a vacation without the heavy expenses if you will.

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