Facing Up To Your Reflection

Facing Up To Your Reflection

What does your reflection look like?

Do you see yourself as a “hottie” or “nottie”…?

I’m not one for staring into the mirror (not that Thom’s not a looker, or so his mom says) but living in Dallas and being single does mean you have to at least glance and check your teeth are lettuce free. If you are an Instagram/snapchat/Facebook addict you have probably mastered the “Selfie”. How many people do you know that actually look like these filtered pictures of perfection? Have you ever been excited to go on the date with the Daenerys Targaryen look alike only to find Tyrion Lannister in their place? What we think we project or reflect is not always the true reality. Perception and reflection are in the eye of the beholder.

Self Image – don’t believe your own hype

It’s common for anyone going through a breakup or divorce to ask themselves –

“what’s wrong with me”? ….

or “Am I not attractive enough”?

On my personal journey, I suffered from very low self esteem for many years. Not the type at work or with friends, whom probably would call bullshit on this statement as outwardly I reflected a very confident outgoing person. But inwardly  I never felt quite “good enough” especially with the opposite sex. If I couldn’t keep a to keep a wife, how would I keep this one?  These questions of why, are more common in a partner that was the one left behind. Why did she need someone else? Whats wrong with me? Are impossible questions that lead nowhere but a poor downward spiraling self image.  But you have to ask and explore these feelings and emotions. Because at the end of that spiraling rabbit hole you come out at the other side of the mirror. On the other side, you don’t look to bad. You see a real “selfie” pimples and all, and you deal with it. You might never be a Prince or a CEO, but you can be a great person of character that lives to help others. You can look at your war wounds and be proud that you came out a better person. Today, I don’t care what others think… mostly…  I am happier with “self” and where I am as a person than I have ever been. It has taken years. But I mostly really like myself. There are still rooms inside  that I keep under lock and key covered in dust and darkness. Maybe I will open one day, maybe not. The key is to find peace and joy in yourself and create relationships that are good and positive with others, as when you find happiness inside your outside Selfie shines also!

Mirror, Mirror

Look closely not at your reflection but what you reflect, your character.
What do you look like inside? Or more importantly what do you think you look like?

  • Overweight with burden, loss and grief?
  • Starving for love ?
  • Addicted to desire and things?

Start your Personal Remodel today. Start with your foundation of who you are, your personal truths and what you stand for. Set a solid foundation to withstand the storms of life and those around you. Fill your home with good things. Open the windows and shades and don’t be embarrassed of the dark dusty corners and air out your personal  laundry. It is never to late to change your looks and perception of self. You will be more beautiful than ever and save thousands on the surgery!
With love & dimples,
Reflecting Thom
P.S – Check out another article on personal remodel here

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