Failings are like Filings

Failings are like Filings

Failings are like filings… like chips being chopped off a block, fragments of rock from the sculptors chisel, like iron filings being removed with a rasp.

Rasp off your rough edges

Rasp off your rough edges

This week I woke up in the middle of the night with this distinct imagery in my head. This was most unusual as I sleep like a log and definitely not one being chipped away at, but it struck me enough to get out of bed and write it down.

It has been a month full of life’s pressures from all angles, work, Homecoming (if your from Texas you REALLY get it) and the news that my ex was getting re-married. But this symbology had none of the weight of those things but more a self focus on points and places in life that I have personally failed.


So let’s start with the cleansing. We ALL suffer from “sucky” moments at some point or time of the day and or week.
By Sucky Moments I mean Bad Attitude, Bad Mouth, Bad Decisions, Anger at life or others Unforgiveness.

This generally leads to us failing, hurting others and ultimately ourselves.

What we do with these failings decides –   if, when and how we move on in our lives.

Filing –  “shavings or particles removed by a file. A work in progress. The act of changing the shape of an object into another”.  

  I did not wake up from a nightmare, but from a place of peace. When we are being filed by life or our own poor decisions, it’s painful and uncomfortable. But, If you have an attitude that it is a removal of something, to become something better,  then that is awesome.
I am not suggesting that we celebrate our personal demons be they drugs, alcohol, or other failures,  but instead understand that they give you the opportunity to move past them once your realize you are not perfect but in fact are being shaped into a better you. One that understands your failures, moves through and past them and onto refined and improved self.
You will still have your cracks and flaws and even Michelangelo’s masterpieces still have the occasional part drop off,  but it’s  perception and attitude on how you deal with those changes. They either make you stronger and more refined, or they break you and you end up incomplete.
You are a work in progress

You have to learn to forgive yourself.

Finished Product

This was a really difficult story to write and express. I believe that we are being refined and molded though life by a higher power, but the expression of this dream was something I wanted to share no matter your religious point of view.

Four takeaways –

  1. Throughout our lives we are a work in progress.
  2. You will have failures and disappointments
  3. You can decide your attitude towards the problem or challenge.
  4. It can be positive or negative.

Be at peace that with the right attitude and view on life, every step back is actually a step towards a better refined you. (this does not include eating donuts or sculpturing bellies)

Keep knocking of the sharp edges and polishing the smooth ones,



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    I'm excited to check your book recommendation out, Thom. Looks hilarious and interesting! Thanks!

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