Filling Time and Space

Filling Time and Space

Are you going through life punching life’s time lock?

Life's Punch clock

Life’s Punch clock

Filling each day with stuff and things as times sands flow away?

Time to dig deeper and smell the coffee.

Moment by moment, hour by hour.

Live each day like it’s your last.
Easy to say hard to do.
We all  have roles and responsibilities we have to do each day. Work for example. I have had jobs that I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning for, I was passionate and excited about and others, not so much. I still worked hard and did my best but it was not fulfilling.
At the wise age of 16 I remember announcing to my aunt that I would never spend time doing something I didn’t love. That I would only work where my passion was. I still remember her knowing smile.
Life comes with responsibilities, children, family and bills.
The Key is to  taste life,  live it and love it each moment on your journey. Some days and things will suck and be less than inspirational. Decide not to punch the clock but utilize what you have been given to fund or feed your passions. Make each moment count.

“I see card punchers and it makes me sad. They sample life and the world like it’s a bottomless punch bowl. Scooping cups boredly, chugging it down without tasting it or admiring the fruit”. 

Taste life, take time with the small stuff, deal with the full stuff and focus on the real stuff of people’s lives. Ask questions. Have interest in others and care about their details.

With Love as Always,
P.S. I’m writing today’s Thoms Tuesday from Southern Italy. It’s been a long tough trip, including 27 hour travel delays one way, and 7 flights. But. Im thankful to spend this time here to collect and appreciate what I’m missing at home  and drink some great wine, eat some great food and learn more about other people and cultures. It also made me think of things I could do today or when I get home “not to punch the clock”. Would love from hear from you on your thoughts and stories from the trail.
Random acts, ideas and stuff to love and help other today –
  • Sing a song to your kid on the way to school, the more embarrassing the more memorable.
  • Become a random hugger but not the type that sends you to jail.
  • Practice Random acts of kindness.
  • Wake up and look to help one person a day even with just a smile and encouragement. That’s 365 people a year you’ve invested in!

P.P.S. and of course I mentioned punch bowls so if your in need or inspired –

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