Finding Calm In The Storm

Finding Calm In The Storm

Everyone has good days and unfortunately also bad ones… and sometimes when it rains, it pours.

Don't rock Thy boat

Don’t rock Thy boat

Do you ever have those days or weeks when the world seems to be against you? I recently had one of those long weeks where compounding work frustrations seem to keep me continually behind, on the home front, everyone’s lost their homework, are grumpy, have messy rooms, oh and the dog’s upset stomach made it worse. These storms can make one queasy. But throw the “Kraken” into the mix (no not the rum, which actually might help, especially when mixed with a coke and slice of lime… sorry focus… of course I mean the “ex”). There is something about a Kraken— maybe it’s the fact that they are uncontrollable, wild, unpredictable, or that they can really tip your boat and let in flood waters…

OK picture painted.

Finding peace in the storm is NOT easy especially when we are so focused on the past in hindsight.

Flashback to Sunday school. Feeling as part of the storm analogy brought this story to mind. I could picture Jesus asleep in a boat (comfy and dry in his white robes and Birkenstocks) being tossed in a storm while the apostles clung for dear life, believing death was imminent. They had seen the miracles, the dead brought back to life, the blind able to see…. but could only focus on that moment and not the big picture.

For us, we have all been through storms in life, days where we were not sure how we could cope or pay the bills. Yet the vast majority of those days, we wake up to anther sunrise, another opportunity. Understanding that tomorrow does “bring a new dawn.“ This is how we move on.

Calm Waters Ahead

Calm Waters Ahead

Focusing on negatives, difficulties, or past partners does nothing but increase your stress so you feel less. Then you give power to the Kraken or whatever is in your storm.

How to Weather the Storm

  1. Breathe
  2. Get to a quiet spot (Not go to.)You can do this within yourself)
  3. Don’t dwell, focus, or chew over the issue that is torturing you.
  4. Take it and understand it has no real power over you.
  5. Let it go. Give it up. Move on. Leave it behind. Free yourself from the past. History does not HAVE to repeat itself.
  6. Breathe.
  7. Repeat if needed.


Happy Sailing, and please share in comments, your thoughts and experiences on weathering a personal storm. What was it and how did you sail through it?

Thom – “Release the Kraken”

Kraken with Vegetables

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  1. Amy
    October 26, 12:27 Reply
    You should check out Annette Klein, on Youtube, about this weekend. Put in "Annette Klein October 23, 2015" or Oct 24th, 25th, 26th. The energy is just very intense and harsh right now.

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