Finding Direction

Finding Direction

When you broke your glasses,

Where are You Heading?

In a snowstorm,

at night without stars…

Oh Life… Where for art  thou direction.

Now before you picture Thom wandering aimlessly though the barren wilderness, I love my life. I know and love where I am, and I’m overly exited about the future. But there are still those times when I wake up in a cold sweat and question my timing and direction. I have a passion and love for IMO and our growing community because I believe at my core that it can help.

It’s weird to think that eight years have passed since I was sitting, broken and frozen on what to do next. The sky and moon had fallen, and my clear and bright plans for my family’s future went dark. All clear plans, direction, thoughts of a cozy retirement together ended. It was like setting off on a cruise to find myself alone on the ship about to fall off the edge of the world.

Charting a New Course

When I reached that “edge”. I found myself staring down into the impending  doom of divorce and  unable to move as my feet were stuck in relationship sinking sand.

Look Up and Forward

So I changed my perspective and raised my eyes from the current quagmire. I was not actually on the edge of a precipice, it was a cliff, but one with a beautiful view overlooking my future of a world full of opportunities and new adventures.

Making the Wise Choice

From my cliff top, I had to make decisions. I could head North which looks stormy and cold and spend time alone and sulking over my loss. East to the sun and beaches and the allure of short-term romances and relationships. Or South to a warm island with family and friends and a good book. All these adventures have their own attraction from self-pity to self-indulgence, but they are all a decision that takes us on a path. Only we can decide that journey, its length and its final destination.  How do we best choose the right path and not end up on some rocky shore of another broken relationship?

Should you listen to your Gut, your Heart or or your Head?

Your Gut – After my divorce I think my stomach already led the way, so no to listening to my gut… Set off instead  on a new course to get healthy and feel great about yourself. Prepare and train your body for this new journey so you can go faster, further and longer.
Your Heart – Has been Broken. Give it time to heal. Seeking new love will end up on the shallow rocks if you have not charted your OWN course first.
Your Head – You can’t out-think your situation, and your logic rudder is seriously out of shape. Take time to understand you wants and needs not just for the moment but also the future.

Answer – None of the above… Yet.

Instead of jumping on the first ship, give yourself time. Be patient with yourself, but sometimes more importantly “Be Still.” I spent months thinking I was being patient with myself whilst still running laps around life.

The truth is –

“You will never catch up with yourself Running laps”!

In Life, I should be the King of Laps. Sometimes I run so hard and fast that I see my own butt! And sometimes I plod so slow I can feel my past breathing down my neck.

Get off the track and out of the boat!

It’s a better view from above… and the perfect leap into the IMO balloon.

We don’t have the perfect answers or course of action. There is not a magical map for your life that some water diviner/star gazer can tell you. But our professional coaches can help you understand where you want to head and help guide you to get there.

So Get Aboard! – To help steer you from the rocks and get a better sense of direction, why not try spending an hour with one of our professional coaches for 50% off?

Just order one ticket for 30 minutes at $55 and when you book your session mention the code “Thom’s Tab Jan 2017” and get the second session 30 minuet  session on Thom*.


Take the First Step,

And I’ll help you take another.

Buy on, Get one for Free!

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Patience, Be Still,

With Love

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Additional Books and help on finding Direction –

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