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    Andy Warhol

    Goal Setting – How do you set realistic daily goals without going nuts?



    I focus on the little things and take life day by day.


    Thom Slade

    I’m a list maker which include long and short term goals. I have a daily list that I re-write every morning that I sit down to work. It helps me focus on the day at hand, gives satisfaction as I review what I achieved from the previous day.

    Yes its a lot of list and sometimes it gets out of hand on multiple pads… but it keeps me centered in the chaos that comes sometimes between work, travel, parenting and keeping myself healthy and sane,

    P.S. I NEVER complete all my tasks on my daily list. That’s not my goal, but to get the have to do stuff complete.



    I have been doing a little research on time management for work this week. I ran across one strategy I’m going to try, which seems so “duh” that it’s embarrassing. MIT = Most Important Thing.

    So each day, you identify THE MIT and write it down. Then you don’t check email, or return phone calls, nothing until the MIT is done. This causes me a little bit of sheer panic because my approach resembles something more like spinning multiple plates (figuratively) or cooking on all 4 burners at once (literally). So just doing ONE thing conjures some nervousness… I’m going to try it. Will report back on how the MIT approach goes down.


    Aundie Donohue

    Tom should answer that! Im always amazed at how he is able to balance life so seemingly effortlessly.


    Thom Slade

    Thank you for that kind comment!

    Its all about the lists…



    Whatever goal you set for yourself, the most important thing is to have the will to do it, and creativity to make it hapen. One of the best ways to renew creativity – as well as avoid depression – is to have some ‘me’ time. ‘Me Time’ is definitely an activity everyone else should feel inspired to simply take before they become depressed or stressed. Me personally time can be needed if it is an hour, a day or perhaps a week-end, which would be ideal. You can read a book, listen to a whole cd album without interruption), and get pampered or whatever else comes to mind. Some quality time can be spent doing many things, just remember it’s your time, which you can spend however you want. Obtaining the opportunity to spend some time in a way that brings you satisfaction could be a perfect weekend. However, occasionally you are unable to embark on that journey. Consequently, you need to be creative with the plain things that are available. For example, hoping in your car and driving around your town; maybe a specific area you haven’t visited. Treat your self to a play and/or dinner; get for a walk in the park. There are countless choices and you may find something you love invest the the time to explore. This guide could also help you decide how much ‘me’ time you need.

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