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    Check out this great resource if you are struggling with anxiety.


    Thom Slade

    Any advice on ways to deal with stress?


    Aundie Donohue

    You can’t go wrong with hugging a tree..

    Or checking out Deepak Chopra’s mediations on Apple Music.



    Do you think it depends on the way stress manifests itself? My answer is either yoga or tackling something new. Those things seem to me to be completely opposite. Yoga isn’t easy, but it’s relaxing. A massive project is NOT relaxing, but it redirects my brain and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it depends on the source of the stress?


    Tana Smith

    I think having someone to consult about stuff can help a lot, as resolving things on your own can sometimes lead to overthinking which ends up causing more stress. Well, that was the cycle for me. So what works for me is having an adviser or some sort of a coach. I actually found one online (which takes away the anxiety of seeing a professional face to face) at Livecoach.



    People nowadays have been experiencing depression and anxiety because of a tragic reason. Studies show that one of the most illnesses that a patient have is depression. It’s not easy to understand but for the people who have this, they suffered a lot. I came across this article that marijuana can be used as a medicine for depression. Because as of now it has many purposes in the medicinal field.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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