Get Thrifty!

Forced to live economically due to divorce or significant life change can be very stressful. Do research to get some time-tested

ideas on how you can make this transition a bit more painless. Save countless hours of depression and deprivation by doing what thousands of people are rapidly learning.

Smarter money management is the way to get and keep money in the bank. Start by figuring and writing out how much money you actually have in the bank. In the next column list how much money you need to cover all your expenses. Subtract the income from the outgo. What is left over is your discretionary income and these are the major pieces to money management. The bottom line will give you the amount you can spend frivolously or be smart and use this as the amount you can save.

You can save money by looking for the best deals on everything you purchase. Utilize thrift stores, go to yard sales and shop at clearance racks. Cut coupons and fill out and send off rebates. It does take a bit of time, but you will be surprised at how much you can save. One smart recently divorced lady makes it a rule; never pay full price for anything.

You can save towards your goal if you do simple, but costly tasks yourself. Change your own oil, fix your own flat tires. Reuse plastic grocery bags and keep plastic tubs and containers. Find everyday opportunities to repurpose, create and reuse what you already have. Follow the simple saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

One great way to save money is to read the bus timetables and take public transportation. Use your car a little as you can. You will save money on gas, upkeep, insurance and car payments plus reduce your carbon footprint.

Start eating your largest main meal at noon. Don’t scrimp on breakfast, but your afternoon should be the heaviest meal of the day. Not only will you save money, but you will feel great come evening.

Save money at restaurants by splitting entrees. Order a less expensive appetizer each and share the rest of the meal. You can save up to 10% on eating out with this trick.

Try eating six small meals a day rather than three large meals. You won’t consume as much food since you will never be hungry. (You might even lose some of those pounds you’ve been meaning to shed) Eating six meals is a trick used by dietitians for their patients who need to control their blood sugar and intake portions.

Think about saving money by checking out your monthly services. Watch the fees for Internet usage. If the company is charging you a monthly fee for using their router, you might want to purchase one yourself.

Double check your utility bills. Studies show that over 60% of utility bills have mistakes. Look closely at credit card bills. There are some companies that charge $2.00 or more per month if you ask for a paper statement. Use 3-statements and save that $2.00 charge.

Every cut you make is more you can put back into the ole piggy bank!


Your financial friend.


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  1. Bobby de Ortega
    February 17, 20:17 Reply
    @Aundie, Some really good advice here that I hadn't considered. Although, my favorite one that I do use is the not paying full price for things. I realize that it can annoy people at times, but I love to haggle; it's like a sport, where if I do get the deal I'm after I totally feel like I've won; even though I did just manage to spend some money ;P
  2. Chris
    February 25, 13:15 Reply
    I agree with taking advantage of the rebate offers that you come across! Yes, it has been a little time consuming but I've always found that for the amount you can get back, it's always been worth my while to go through the process of getting the rebate. There are a lot of great ideas here - I never knew about the errors in utility bills, I'll have to look at mine more closely from now on!

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