“Give me shelter from the storm”  – Searching for a home during divorce.

“Give me shelter from the storm” – Searching for a home during divorce.

Searching for a home during divorce is probably the last thing on your mind as you traverse what sometimes feels like navigating a small rowboat in hurricane at sea.

The wave swells are crashing in, each one feels like you’re a little more swamped, a little more underwater, and to the point of sinking.

I know. As I have been there.

The safety that was your family home and a partner of many years seem miles away as you drift into uncharted water. There are days when you feel you’re cresting on the wave and can see the shoreline, only then to sink again in a sea of uncertainty between the waves that hide the safety of shore.

A divorce is not a life event for which anyone plans. In hindsight “divorce insurance” might have been a better investment than a pool, but we love our homes and the feeling of place and security they give us. That is why it can be positive to think, dream, research, and proactively look for a new home during the darker days of your divorce.

Now, don’t seek out the billion-dollar castle with the shark-infested moat. But have fun. Look at places that would be a positive move for you and your family, maybe closer to work or your kids’ schools. Start getting an understanding of the prices in these areas and what you can actually afford. You might think you’re not ready, but use this positive action to set course towards a goal and the shore.  Take some time in this turbulence to find some peace in your future.

Know that the storm never lasts forever. It feels like it might, but the waters will eventually calm and you will see land again.

You can set course for your new home for free.

Look, enjoy, dream, and plan on what and where your new home will be. If you’re going to have to lease, you can also begin the search. The storm will pass, start planning the direction of your next steps and staking the claim to a new home.

Start Your Search at Homes.com

Try our partner Homes.com and search for your future home by clicking the link here. Start getting an idea for the prices and neighborhoods you want to live in. Looking and planning today will ease some of the stress of searching in the future.

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