Halloween Dating Can Be Scary!

Halloween Dating Can Be Scary!

Beware what hides beneath.

Halloween is a great chance to hide behind a mask or at least act like your alter-ego for a few hours. But watch out for those you’re with–removing their mask can be scarier!

No. It’s not about looks, perfection and all that rubbish. The most irrefutable truth is that there is no “perfect” person for you out there. At some point, you wake up to death breath, bathroom aromas that are not from Paris, and trash can Oscar the Grouch attitude. If you have been on dating sites then you also know the dangers of the perfect selfie and should know the truth behind the 50 pictures that caught that perfect one. And as we know, beauty fades along with that at-first cute high-pitched laugh. So no fingers being pointed (remember when you point a finger, three are pointing back at you…) but be real. Look inside and out with the understanding that costumes and masks are fun for a night, but the key is finding that “real” person to love.

Halloween Dating Guide

Vampires – Blood Suckers who take everything you’ve got and leave you deserted and empty. Be on the watch for these little suckers whom take but seldom give in a relationship.

Frankenstein – Made up of a lot of left over parts from previous failed relationships. They tend to continue dealing with the same issues and don’t move forward or let you without their pound of flesh. Find someone whole who can appreciate your wholeness and individuality.

Werewolf – Beware the two-faced beast. You never know quite when the full moon will turn things from friend to foe. Look for someone with a strong and consistent character with positive mood swings.

Beware the Mummy – Don’t be someone’s project. If they are looking for someone to raise, yank the bandage off and run!

Witch – Cast a spell and it eventually wears off. Then what? You’re left with a warty witch bent on chasing you down on the broom, and green really only looks good on Hulk.

Do you have any others you can think of? Let me know and I’ll add to next year’s list. Have a safe and smart Halloween.

With Howls and Cackles,


P.S. Be safe and don’t eat any shiny apples

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