Have to deal with your ex this Spring Break?

Have to deal with your ex this Spring Break?

Here are some ways to cope..

Spring break should be all about spending time with your friends and family, travelling and clearing your mind with relaxation therapies. You finally get to see many people you’ve missed and talk about everything happened since you’ve been away from each other.

But what if you get home to spend the Spring break and find out that your ex hubbie seems to be everywhere you go? This is a tough job, trying to cope with the idea that you two have broken up or divorced but you have to see his or her face for a few days now.

First things first, avoid long conversations and stick to a simple ‘Hello’, ‘How you’re doing?’ And that’s about all. Many people say that it’s better to remain friends with your ex but in fact, after a breakup, but for some it’s even better to leave things behind and move on. Trying to be a friends with a person you used to love so much and be intimate can be like making a snowman in the middle of the summer for some people. It’s not impossible but if you’re hurt and are holding any negative feelings in the it’s probably best to refrain.

Don’t forget that it’s the spring break! You’ve been waiting for some time off for months now and you can’t give up on your plans just because your ex is occasionally breathing air in the same room with you. You’re an independent man or woman and you know what makes you happy and how to get what you want. Remember: you must step ahead and not go back!

So, get a bunch of friends and go out, have fun, dance, laugh and live! Being single after ending a relationship can be quite liberating. You can discover so many things about yourself that you weren’t aware of and move on easily onto the next stage of your life.

In case you ex shows up with a new girlfriend or boyfriend don’t rush into your bedroom and start crying, getting caught up on that they dating someone new while you’re still afraid of committing to new people.

Your spring break should be about yourself and your loved ones not about past and ex’s. Be confident and true to yourself and grateful each day for the ones that love you unconditionally: your lovely family and your killer friends!

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