Health & Well Being – Try Something New… With Balls

Health & Well Being – Try Something New… With Balls

Throw Them. Kick Them. It’s All Good.
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 Try Something New – Team Sports

During the Divorce process I came to an odd conclusion. I had lost some male testosterone.. And by that I mean guy friends.

Before marriage most of our closest friends are the same sex. The typical guy bond that you find in most movies and highlighted in “Old School”. It’s not that every guy needs to be involved with female mud wrestling or drinking games, but male camaraderie is great for the soul. When we get married, we get busy. Add kids with a sprinkle of work pressure and there is just not enough time in the day.

Note – You Girls probably need the same thing. I just can’t speak for you, so feel free to throw in your opinions in the comment section.

Not to be misunderstood, I do believe in marriage, and your partner should come first, but where some guys should keep their freinds through hunting, golf or Sunday football, it’s easy to get busy and miss the opportunity to just be a guy.

So what happens when you find yourself solo again?

Go work on you manhood or “self-hood” and get out there.

Indoor Soccer – Something I had not done in over a decade, but found it was a great way to get out with friends and burn some calories. The first season I played both indoors and out. But decided to stay with my indoor team because it was a close consistent location that was quick and easy to get to, which meant low travel time, more time playing, and a great adjoining bar. We started in the lowest division and have continued to move up, have won several championships but most importantly had a lot of fun away from just being the single dad.

As a tip. Keep it simple and play smart. Your not a teenager anymore and many guys get out there and think they can run and cut like they did as a teen and end up with black eyes or worse torn ligaments. Just play to work out, have fun, but to where you can get up in the morning and go to work, and play next week.

Last but not least… Warm up. Those old bones might need a lot of stretching.

Thom During Practice

Thom During Practice




For a quick cheat on the rules visit:


To find a local place just “Google” – ” indoor soccer fields” (and check to see if they serve Gluten free beer…)

If you’re full blood “American” and consider “Soccer” a soft sport (no judging here) I also had a blast at a different ball sport this weekend, and highly suggest for stress release with close friends.

Dodge Ball – Game on! Where to play? Again, the local indoor soccer arena. Just use a third of the field and have fun. They rent for $50-$80 per hour.

Get out there…


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    Yes, us girlies need girl time! That's why brunch was invented. :D

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