Help others achieve their dreams..

Help others achieve their dreams..

..and you’ll achieve yours!!

Many of us have dreams that we would love to achieve but do not consider to be practical. Well guess what?! They don’t have to be!

Helping people achieve their dreams does more than just help them reach their goals. They might have felt that something is impossible and you show them how they can actually make it happen.

Consider this scenario. Someone lacks the money needed to pay for a course which will make a major difference in his ability to achieve his dream. You might give him the money as a grant, lend him the money with easy terms, or find someone else who will be willing to help out. You will be making a dream come true.

Or this one. Someone might have deep feelings about wanting a certain job, wishing to develop a certain talent, or dreaming to accomplish and achieve beyond what they thought possible. You come along and find ways to make that want, wish, or dream an actual reality. This will help that person make a quantum leap. In essence, you will be creating a new person.

Reaching for the Stars

Never laugh at people’s dreams. To you someone’s dreams might seem as impossible as flying a machine heavier than air seemed to many before the Wright brothers’ initial flight, or breaking the four minute mile seemed before Roger Bannister did it. But those “impossible” dreams did come true.

If you feel that someone is wasting his time pursuing a truly impossible dream, be careful how you word your comments. Never mock anyone. Explain respectfully why you would advise this person to make changes in the exact form of the dream.

There are some dreams that might not be feasible in the original way they are presented. But there are aspects of those dreams that definitely can be reached. Someone might want to write a book that will totally change the world. Perhaps this is a bit too much. But a thousand people’s lives might actually be changed. Not exactly the entire world, but a major accomplishment. And even the process of writing a manuscript that won’t be published will change the author himself.

Helping Others Achieve

Keep asking people, “What are your dreams?” Some dreamers have learned from painful experiences not to share their dreams with others. They have been demeaned and ridiculed. Express your admiration and respect for the very act of having a dream. Be encouraging.

People who are hesitant about pursuing their dreams often have a feeling, “If I don’t reach my dreams, I am a failure. So it’s safer not to pursue a dream that might not work out.” However, a positive action never results in failure. We learn something from each experience. One project leads to another. It’s worthwhile working on 10 projects that don’t make it. The 11th, 15th, or 20th project might be immensely successful. All the work devoted to the steps that led to the success retroactively will be seen as exactly what was needed to gain the necessary knowledge and experience.

If a person doesn’t have a dream, you might ask, “If you weren’t afraid to dream, what would your dream be?” By verbalizing a dream, the most important first step has been reached.

And as you read this, you can ask yourself, “How can I actualize my dream to help others?”

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  1. Bobby de Ortega
    February 22, 19:26 Reply
    Wow, what a great topic! I've been fortunate enough to have experienced some of this recently. I'm learning that helping others on the way to achieving their dreams offers many inherit rewards. First, you get to know and understand the dreamer better. Next you gain some extra inspiration the closer they get to attaining their goals. Then you gain better clues and insight into your own pursuits through the act of help itself. It's been my experience that if ever I was in need of some extra motivation, helping someone out get closer to where they want to be has invariably pushed me further ahead as well. Great stuff, Julie.
    • Aneym Nasir
      November 24, 15:10 Reply
      I have the same thought process as you and I get really motivated by helping others realize their potential. However most people are self doubters and don't see what I see in them. Do you encounter this too? If yes how do you overcome it? :)
      • Bobby de Ortega
        January 14, 18:00 Reply
        I'll start off with a bit more honesty by stating that I'm not perfect and that I too battle with bouts! With that being said, personal progress and self accomplishment motivate me even more than helping others because I know that getting out of any sticking points or ruts—myself—bears two types of fruit; the first being a true feeling of self-satisfaction and growth, and the second being the experience itself which serves as anecdotal evidence worth sharing with others whom might one day find themselves stranded where I once was. So it's not so much about overcoming anything with, or through, anyone rather overcoming our own challenges that are most worthy of grist for our soul-inspiring mills. Never mind the external self-doubters, it's only the internal one that we can truly do anything about. All others are merely reflections that will either be inspired by us (or more appropriately themselves) and our evolving selves or not. But when I do encounter this within my own social circle, I merely try to shine as much "sun" as I can and then let God/Nature/The Universe do the rest ;P
  2. craigbic
    February 23, 12:25 Reply
    As someone who has moved on his life after 20 years with my wife, I can safely say that many of my dreams from my youth have gone unfulfilled and I'm not sure any amount of coaching is going to help but what I have found great satisfaction and comfort in is helping my four children accomplish their dreams. There is no greater accomplishment than that!
  3. Chris
    February 25, 12:33 Reply
    Dreams are deeply personal and they are unbelievably important, so I agree 100 percent with never laughing at or or mocking the dreams that someone may want to achieve. Even if you doubt someone's dream it's still important that they know that you support them in their pursuit of happiness. It'll mean the world to them.

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