How a Life Coach Saved My Sanity

How a Life Coach Saved My Sanity

Sometimes when I look back on my marriage, I wish my husband had been cheating on me

instead of cheating on me.

That statement can be a little confusing… let me explain.

While we were married, I honestly believe that my ex never physically touched another woman, but that doesn’t make what was happening hurt any less.

People often say that cheating doesn’t count until your partner actually goes through with the act of being intimate with another person. This statement is up for debate, but in my opinion it’s the emotional cheating that hurts the worst.

Right before my marriage crumbled, I remember noticing that my husband was dropping his managers name into conversations more than usual. His phone, which he previous left in random places around our home was now constantly in his pocket and any time I went near him while the screen was visible he’d quickly turn it off or accuse me of spying.

Like I said, I believed him when he told me he’d never so much as touched her… but that didn’t stop him from telling me that he was falling in love with her and couldn’t see a future with me anymore.

He told me he’d found his best friend, someone who understood the real him. Someone who made his insides knot while he waited for her to text him back, and I can still remember a time when I was that person for him.

Objectively, I could have had it much worse. We never fought about our divorce and it was all handled fairly smoothly despite feeling like I’d lost my other half while he acted as if this was just another step to getting rid of me so he could pursue who he wanted with a clear conscience.

For a while, I couldn’t talk to anyone. Saying the words out loud made them more real and no one in my family could comprehend what went wrong. No one falls out of love like that. There must have been problems you just couldn’t see, they told me as if it were supposed to make me feel better. I was alone with noone to share my true feelings with until I decided to reach out to a stranger.

Well, honestly he reached out to me. I was sitting at a table at a restaurant, staring off into space when an older gentleman took a seat in front of me and asked me if I needed to talk. Apparently it was the fourth time that week I’d stumbled in, ordered food, and not touched a single bite.

Most people wouldn’t have noticed or had the courage to say a word to me, but this man was a life coach… my life coach who helped me through a period in my life that I still have trouble looking back on.

The idea of therapy and spilling your soul to someone who couldn’t possibly relate doesn’t sound all that appealing on paper, but when you break it down it’s really one of the best things you can do for yourself.

A life coach won’t judge you. All they want to do is help you, guide you, and get you back to a healthy state of mind where you belong so that one terrible moment in life doesn’t define who you are for the rest of it.

Even though I was well into my recovery upon finding, I still strongly urge anyone struggling with a recent divorce or separating to reach out to their caring group of professionals. No one can do this alone, and sometimes the advice of a stranger can be worth more than comments made by people who think they know what you need.


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  1. Thom Slade
    May 28, 19:27 Reply
    Thanks for opening up and sharing your story,and a big thanks also to those that take the extra step and reach out and care. Thom

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