How Long Does a Divorce Take if One Party Doesn’t Agree?

How Long Does a Divorce Take if One Party Doesn’t Agree?

Now, when it comes to divorces, the truth is that the majority of them are never easy. Even though there are certain rare occasions

in which the parties are going to sign mutual consent and distribute the properties and assets quickly and with responsibility, that’s usually not the case. And, if we have to be completely honest, it’s rather understandable. After all, you didn’t work your whole life so that your beloved one could divorce you and take half of it away. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s just how things go.

So, we are already familiar with what’s happening if both parties agree, but what happens when one of them doesn’t? Well, the truth is that the situation is going to become increasingly complicated. To answer the original question concisely – it could take years to end the divorce the way you want it to end if that’s evens till on the table.

Why is it so Long?

Because the state rules of the USA, various as they maybe from one state to another, do not allow the court to further and conclude the procedure without mutual consent forms to be signed. That’s why you need your spouse to be comfortable and to agree with the conditions. In the other situation, you wouldn’t be able at all to get the much-needed divorce.

Other Ways

Under State law, the court can easily call the divorce and null on it, should he find the necessary facts to be true: the couple should have lived separately for at least two years and for the marriage itself to be broken beyond repair. Only then should the court be capable of actually moving the procedure further. Keep in mind that the most important thing that you want to consider is the safety of the children, both psychological and physical. Make sure that they don’t understand a thing about it and figure out a way to come up with the bad news when it’s necessary.

However, certain activities alike abuse, for instance, are capable of helping the court make a quick decision, regardless of the fact that there is no consent. However, it’s almost impossible to get one of the parties to admit such a thing because it’s considered demeaning and particularly uncomfortable.

In any case, you are going to need a skilled and experience divorce attorney so that you can rest assured that everything is handled up to the highest standards and you get the necessary representation in front of the authorities in question.

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