How to Discover Your Child’s Talents

How to Discover Your Child’s Talents


Talent DNA Produces Positive Emotions

 Luminol is a chemical that is used in forensic investigations to find blood or identify where a murder happened.

Luminol is sprayed in locations where a murder or violent crime has possibly happened and when it come in contact with blood, it lights up!

The same thing happens when Talent DNA is applied to a situation where it can make an impact.  It lights up!   Positive emotions are generated and the person who gives their Talents to that area of need FEELS GREAT!

The most common emotions that are experienced are thankfulness and gratitude.  If you want to help your child discover their Talent DNA observe your child in various situations and look for where they express gratitude or say “Thank you”.  Those words are seldom heard from teens so you might fall over so beware.

 Others positive emotions include:

  1. Satisfaction

  2. I fit  (Every child or teen wants to find a place where they fit in)

  3. I am in control  (Teens emotions so often are out of control and one of the best ways to get them stable is to help them discover their Talent DNA and then use it)

  4. I am useful  (When a child can do something to help and they do it well, they thrive)

  5. I stand out  (We all want to be seen.  WE all want to be seen to do something that stands out.  Talent and character is where we need to encourage our children to stand out)

  6. I made a difference  (Everyone wants to be seen as a person who can make a difference.  When your child has a Talent they can make that difference)

List three emotions or emotional results you have observed when you have seen your child use their Talent DNA

You can always identify a Talent by watching the person who lives it generating positive emotion. Happy people are those who know their Talents and live them. Unhappy, anxious, depressed, frustrated people are those who: don’t know;  are not in a position to use, or given the opportunity to use their Talent DNA. That is as simple as it gets.

Be sure to be looking for Part 2 of Talent DNA Produces Positive Emotion.

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  1. craigbic
    April 23, 07:55 Reply
    As parents, we need to help our children foster their talents but also instill upon them a sense of responsibility to share those talents with others in a positive way. That can mean simply drawing a picture to brighten someones day or teaching another child to draw their own picture. It's such a fantastic feeling for the child when they can turn to their parents and tell them about the positive impact of sharing their Talent DNA! It's a pretty good feeling for the parents too! lol
  2. Mark Demos
    April 27, 09:12 Reply
    Absolutely Craig! You are so right by understanding that Talent must be combined with Character. Talent motivated by selfish intent only harms. Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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