How To… Move On, Part 2

How To… Move On, Part 2

Sometimes moving on means going in reverse… for a while.

Life in "Rear-View"

Life in “Rear-View”

When your ex shows up with a new something…boy(girl)friend/jewelry/outfit/car/tattoo, it’s hard not to feel sad/angry/confused. That’s a lot of “slashes” but there are a lot of variables involved that trigger several feelings when you shared a life with someone but are now living apart.

Do you still feel like your owed a debt or are missing something?

Moving on is very hard, and sometimes we’re drawn to look back even when we know it will just turn us into that darn pillar of salt. But we have to look. We want to analyze what went wrong and what could have been. The past is like a tractor beam. Pulling us in, to what most of the time leads to inconclusive answers.

So why look?

Simply put, to make sure we do not repeat the mistakes of our past, but learn from them.

We want to move forward, healthier in all aspects of our lives. So the day when we are ready to start our next chapter and relationship we will make the most amazing partners, parents, and friends to all involved.


I found this excellent article in and wanted to share

7 Lessons You Can Learn From Failed Relationships 

  1. People don’t belong to you.
  2. We all need “me time.
  3. You complete yourself. Period.
  4. You can only change yourself, so don’t fool yourself to believing you will transform your partner.
  5. The lust period doesn’t last forever.
  6. Some relationships are simply here to teach us how to gracefully let go.
  7. Relationships are a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

So in a nut shell.

Breathe and return to “Go”. Do not collect $200. Simply start again, look at thy self and be happy.

Best Regards,


P.S. This is a reprint from November 2nd 2014. The reason I posted today as it is a great reminder of a core benefit of and blogging/journaling as part of the moving on process. Writing down your feelings and thoughts as you go through your divorce and following years not only helps you free and understand your emotions, its gives you a base line to look back and see how far you have come. We would love to be your journal home. Join and set up an account for free. We will help you with your WordPress account and you will be able to write and store your thoughts.  And if you feel like sharing to help other you can submit at any time for review and publishing to our community of millions on IMO.

Regarding my thoughts from two years ago. I look back a lot less and when I do its usually positive and happy memories. The dark stuff really has no power or interest no more. I’m excited about my future and about how far I have already come.

Love (I’ve moved on from best regards…)


P.P.S If you have questions… any at all on writing or life please feel free to contact me at


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  1. Blondie Doodle
    November 17, 02:02 Reply
    These are great lessons to learn from a failed relationship, came at a great time. Thank you, Thom!

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