What are you Hungover from?

What are you Hungover from?

Never Again!

I’m writing this somewhat alive from Las Vegas which is why it seems such perfect subject matter. Unless your nickname is Mother Teresa, at some point in your life you have probably over indulged with alcohol. It might have been that one time in college, at a wedding, or even on a terrible “Match” date… but it happened. For most (honest) people it has probably happened more than once. But before we give into wild stores and start writing the script for The Hangover Part IV, it’s really not the point. The amount of fun you were probably having while indulging is a stark comparison to the hell and misery of a true hangover.
Oh the promises made the day after. “Oh Lord, heal me now, and never again.  I’ll work with the poor and wash the lepers…”
And when you start to feel human again, promises are soon forgotten and you end up singing Duran Duran Karaoke until the wee hours…

Well Art (karaoke) sometimes imitates life – Do you still feel hungover from your last relationship?

With the end of your relationship did you make promises you couldn’t  keep and are you haunted by the fun and mistakes of your past?

Never Again…

“Never again” is a common battle cry of the recently divorced. I don’t think anyone that left the beaches of Normandy said, “Well that was fun. Can we do it again?” Ending any relationship is hell as is the hangover sure to come the morning after. Your head throbs, your body aches, and you regret every part of it. The pain eventually wears off, and you’re ready to go again.

Saddling the next horse usually leads to another hangover…

Sometimes THE worst advice often comes from those who love you the most. I can’t tell you how many times I was told to get out there to be able to get over “it”. It just doesn’t work. Until you work through your own emotions and find peace and happiness in yourself you will saddle the same horse and end up being bucked in a field with the same headache.

Time is the Great Healer 

The morning after is a great analogy for heartbreak because there is no immediate cure. Only time, the great healer, can stop your head throbbing and your heart aching.  The key of this lesson, like most,  is to learn from it.  Whether we might drink in moderation or abstain is not the point. I don’t think any of us want to abstain from love, but with time and a clear head we can turn “Never again,” to ready again.
Do you have any remedies for hangovers or heartaches?
I would love to hear your stores and cures.
With Love and Alka Seltzer,
Thom (a.k.a Simon Le Bon)


P.S. Best Hangover tips… 1. Don’t drink enough to get to point one… 2. As “1” might not be possible, drink plenty  of water 3. Sleep in 4. Make a pact with the Gods that you will never drink again….5. Drink Miller Lite – It cures all desire to drink.

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