I ain’t saying he’s a gold digger…

I ain’t saying he’s a gold digger…

But he ain’t messing with explaining to his wife…

Old key and gold heart. Key of my heart concept. Valentine's day greetings.

All that glitters..

On a recent trip, and in some random nasty airport bathroom… I saw a man frantically digging through a trashcan of paper towels. When I mean digging, paper towels were flying like a super mole trying to escape a fox (even writing this my face turns to that frowny-scowl I do when I’m grossed out). My first thought was a lost contact, but then he came up with a wide “Frodo Baggins” grin holding a gold wedding band.

I thought about this guy as I boarded my plane. He was either terrified of his wife or valued that ring more than the deadly Ebola virus I imagined lurking in that trash and more than what his fellow travelers thought of him.

So let’s go with Love over Fear as it helped me with my day and attitude.

What money can’t buy.

I am a true believer in love. And in opposition to the worlds common philosophies I do believe it can last a life time. Now I’m not talking rip your clothes off in the rain at any meeting type of love, but one that goes deeper and further until death truly does part. I believe we can find “the one” that wants and will care for us to the point of caring for us in our sickness as well as our desire to return the favor in our twilight years.

When I popped the question at the wise age of 20, I was not one for wearing jewelry, and I still do not wear a watch, rings or chain. But after my first separation at the age of 23-ish I wore my ring religiously for the next dozen plus years. The ring I chose was the cheapest in the store and I think I paid less than $30 under the assumption it would be lost somewhere soon after the nuptials. For the first few years, it did live more on the sink than on my finger, but as I said things changed. Later that ring did come to symbolize my love, forgiveness and commitment to my marriage. I would have dug through trash and a lot worse to not lose it.

Not all that glitters…

My marriage did eventually fail, and I did have a very hard time removing that ring from my finger. It actually still sits on my spare key chain. I carried it for a few years, not as a reminder of what had happened but more I believe of what I had lost, the opportunity to grow old and care for someone I truly “cared” about.

The ring is now in a draw attached to my spare keys. Not for any sentimental reason ( I will not be caught in a corner stroking it gently and calling it “my Precious”). It is just a part of a time and place in my life and a commitment that was made and failed. I have decided to look forward and am excited and all the possibilities the future may hold.

What do you value?

Your family?

Your friends?

Your job?

Or is it the stuff and possessions in your life?

What would you dig though to save “the stuff” in your life?

As I grow older (and wiser…(maybe)) I am learning that people and their relationships are far more of a value than the material things I can surround myself with. Investing in these things far outweighs any Gold or Silver.

The exclamation on this thought and week came as I almost rear ended an old Beetle. The following was on its rusty bumper and is a great starting point to guide you on your week –

“Every man is Guilty of the Good he didn’t do”.

Please send me your thought on life, love and the stories of your rings.

With Love


Link to safe ring and being able to vanish from difficult situations…

Link to the ring and be able to vanish from difficult situations…

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