If the Definition of Madness…

If the Definition of Madness…

Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, let’s make the decision to leave the asylum.

Escape Your Routine

Escape Your Routine

We all get into life’s rhythms and routines, but what if your stuck whistling the wrong tune? What if you feel you can’t change? I have been there and I think many of us have when we have been through a bad breakup or divorce.
It would take more than a book (a library is probably what is needed) to list my mistakes and toe stubs. I like most, have lots of negative habits that have been created or adopted as part of my personality(ies).

Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

So as the brainy guy says, (Thom) “I repeat therefore I am”

Levels of Madness

 Listen. We all have issues. The moment you realize this. It helps and cures you of judging others. I don’t care what side of the divorce line you fall, and how big of a B-hole your ex is… you both had some of the fault (as small as you care to admit that’s ok) in your break up. When you come to the point of understanding that you had issues like your ex, it’s a fantastic and freeing baseline from which you can, and I did, grow.

Madness Level 1  – A loud Sigh

  • Love – Do you find yourself returning to dark places and re-hashing failed relationships? It’s hard not to. But keep it to an out breathing Sigh and its easy and freeing to move on. Holding on and rehashing too often or continually is an issue that will turn to a growl. Spend time analyzing. Understand that it happened and you can’t fix, or go back, and fix moving forward in your next relationship.
  • Health – Lying in bed, snoozing the alarm when your planning on getting up early and challenging the world results in a loud sign during coffee time. Commit to get your rest and skip the snooze just a couple of times a week and you will see and feel the difference in thirty days.
  • Life – Work might feel repetitive and non fulfilling. Don’t just sigh or shrug. Accept that certain things have to be for a while to cover current responsibilities, but at the same time of the grind, find your creative release. Do something that you feel passionate about. It may be giving some hours to a charity or cause, or how about sharing and writing for IMO? Send us your thoughts and story and help others.

Madness Level 2 – A load Growl

  • Love – Are you choosing to date the same types of people that caused your previous problems? Don’t. Turn that romantic growl into a loving hug of self and give your self time and a break to find what you are really looking for.
  • Health – Don’t blow off you annual physicals. Take your new found freedom to check every “avenue” and get your self to tip top physical shape for the future.
  • Life – Don’t growl and complain about the cards you have been dealt, noone is listening other than those that enjoy your misery as it makes their own lives look and feel better. Live and breath a positive life.

Madness Level 3 – Bat S#@t Crazy

  • Love – Do you compare every new relationship to an old one? Are you a “Seinfeld” and super picky when choosing a future partner? There are no perfect ones? Look at self. Are you perfect even with all your warts and all? Come to peace with what your looking for in a new relationship and don’t scare the good ones of with your “Bat S#@t” antics.
  • Health – They say boys will be boys, and you should occasionally let your hair down… but you’re not 22 anymore and your will pay dearly for that all nighter on the town. Plus a DWI is not cool at any age. So act yours, and have fun, but keep your level three in check.
  • Life – We all get frustrated, How many times have we decided that we cant take anymore in our work life before throwing in the towel. Stay calm and work though your exit strategy, Hold your harsh words and think for another day. if you still need to move on wait until your next exiting chapter presents itself and exit gracefully and professionally.

Leaving the Asylum

Be patient, keep calm and always exit gracefully. I have felt a lot in life like a balloon bloated at “madness level three” because of my circumstance and ready to pop with any small prick. Instead work on a slow and calm and squeaky  release. But don’t hold it in. Work though the pain and frustration and break out of the madness of repeating past failures and mistakes.

Finally, remember if  you do fail or hit snooze, you can reboot every morning or anytime you want. Ask forgiveness, forgive yourself but move forward in improving yourself and helping others around you.

 Good luck in escaping your personal asylums,

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