Is Love Enough to Make a Relationship Viable?

Is Love Enough to Make a Relationship Viable?

Sometimes we think that love is the only thing that matters in a relationship. We strive to get the love that we deserve, and we give more and more, in anticipation that it is enough to hold the relationship together. However, we do not realize

that love is only one ingredient in this complicated recipe called a relationship. By using too much of an ingredient, we do not make sure that the recipe works. Chances are that too much of something will make the outcome awful, no matter what our intentions were.

A relationship is complex and depends on multiple factors to succeed. You need to be patient and work for the relationship, offering the love and affection that you would expect to receive in return. But this is just one of the things that make a relationship actually work.

What Matters in a Relationship?

In order for the relationship to be viable and have a long future, you need to think straight and consider several different aspects in life. It is important that your significant other is compatible with you as to your core values. If one of you wants to have kids and the other one doesn’t, sooner or later, this will come up and end badly. If you do not share the same religious beliefs or cultural background, things may be more difficult. Discussing about these values is the best way to ensure that they will not harm your relationship.

The couple needs to focus on covering the needs of both. It does not make sense to be in a relationship where only some needs are taken into consideration. Without satisfying your needs, you cannot expect to feel good when you are with your loved one. Although you love him or her, the feeling you get is not great, and you may end up really hurt.

When a solid relationship is built, we want to know more about the person we fell in love with. We want to know all about their past, their dreams and ambitions, their daily routine and even the slightest details that would seem unimportant to others. If your better half does not pay attention to you and your uniqueness, how would you feel? Does he or she seem worthy of your unconditional love?

Finally, you have to figure out exactly what it is you want from your relationship. Do you see yourself in the same situation after a few years? Do you picture staying together and building a future or are you uncertain about that? The answer to these simple questions will show you if love makes it all work or not. And the harsh truth is that love, no matter how powerful, can only take you half way there!

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  1. Britanica
    October 15, 17:03 Reply
    When you build a foundation on friendship and unconditional love, it is ALWAYS enough. The thing people do not realize is that they are letting their "lust" love dominate their true love. There are 3 kinds of love, in some cases this can be branched out to 4. You have lust which is physical and self satisfying love. It focuses on how said person makes them feel and what they do for them. It is a conditional love. It is only rewarded when things are done in a pleasing manner. Then you have friendship love with is about give and take. It is still selfish though in that it does things but always or almost always expects said things to be done in return. This is not bad but it is still conditional. TRUE love is completely unconditional and does not change based on circumstances. It always trusts, always gives, and always endures. It is very rare these days but it exists.

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