Blind Dates Part 1 (maybe never, ever a Part 2)

Blind Dates Part 1 (maybe never, ever a Part 2)

I’ve Moved on… To Blind Dates

After about a month of abuse from a very close friend that we’ll call  “Sushiman,” I finally gave in. I agreed to go on a date with his “perfect” woman. A 31-year-old single mom, beautiful and a masseuse. Didn’t sound too bad, but after 18 years of marriage, it would be a first. I spent a long time getting ready and was actually excited. When I picked her up at her apartment she was… in sweats.

Oh well… she was cute, and I was hungry. Our dinner conversation was good, and I found she had traveled a lot.

When asked what she did for work… Things got a little rocky…

“What type of work?” I said.
“I was a professional dancer.”

“Like tap?” I asked innocently and also a little fearful of the answer.

“No,” she quickly answered, “like pole”…

“That’s not a problem is it?”

I was invited in for coffee, but, as I said, as this was the first date in 18 years, this was a little much, and she was definitely not the Ginger to my Fred Astaire.

Love & Peace



Do you have a great first date story that you would like to share and help others realize that “Its not just me… the dating world has gone mad”?

Send me a note.

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  1. cjs8
    April 15, 02:39 Reply
    It’s not too bad if you’ve got a coffee invite. Good on you, mate! Blind dates have more misses than hits so why do it at all? Perhaps it’s loneliness creeping in, or desperation taking over, or in your case, peer pressure. I’ve done it a few times with varying results. It does not guarantee anything other than the fact that you are back in the “game”.

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