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Snail Highway

Snail Highway

“Sometimes the Distance seems Great and the Pace Slow”

…which came from a rainy day dog walk and finding a snail super highway on the side of a tree. It made me think how these little guys all seemed to be heading in the same direction. They new where they wanted to go but from where I stood, it would take them a lifetime.

How long is it taking you to move on from your past?

Does it seem like a lifetime?

Are you having difficulty or does it seem near impossible to close that old relationship and past to reach forward to a new future?

That’s why we are here and so should you be!

I get asked alot, what it looks like to truly move on. How long does it take? A common theme in the “Dear Thom” section are those seeking simple answers to these difficult questions. Well, I’m not Oprah, or some spiritual oracle with all the right answers. Far from it. I make mistakes. A lot f them. Sometimes I feel like that snail, but my road seems to be more like a game of snakes and ladders. We move forward, and some issue with the past makes me slide down a “chute”. I take pride in my patience with my family and friends. I model my uncle and his attitude towards life and others. “Not a problem” was his consistent response to those in need of him or his time. Looking to help others is a truly worthy lifelong mission that really does help move on to a “Positive” perspective and next chapter.

But boy, can I forget those pearls sometimes when dealing with my ex. Its like stubbing your toe at the pearly gates and Peter getting an earful.

So the truth I have had to come to embrace is a simple one. We all have good and bad days. We are all human. Forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness from others. Each day work on the following –

  • Snarl less Snuggle more (Breathe more, bite less)
  • Commit Random acts of kindness
  • Ask for forgiveness quickly
  • Practice Patient
  • Focus not on the instant “bump on the tree” but on your Goal and the “top of the tree”


You can also follow Thom on his travels and fascination with snails on Instagram @ thom_slade or on Facebook /ThomSlade


Keep on the Journey,



p.s. A cornerstone for me and one that we could all use in greater measure no matter where you come from spiritually, comes from Galatians 5:22-23.  If you can do all these things in greater measure each day, you will be movingon positively..

“Love, joy, peace, patiance, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control”

Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV) 

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Thom Slade
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“Healing for the broken hearted. A map, guide and community to move on positively/fantastically in life with a healthy beaming smile”
Thom. Thom is the originator and alter-ego of Divorce Survivor, Single Parent, and now moving on to new adventures in Life. Follow his journey here every week, or on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Kendall O
    February 24, 11:28 Reply
    Your posts make me smile! Love the humor in your writing and the message behind it. We definitely do not always move in the right direction, and sometimes all we can do is keep thinking about the positive, even if we can’t actually put it into action on the bad days.

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