Just Walking the Dog.

Just Walking the Dog.

A lesson in patience, point of view, and picking up poop.

I may of lost my savings and retirement in my Divorce but somehow I got to keep the  dog…

Don’t get me wrong I love dogs. But i’ve always seen myself as a German Shepard type of guy, not so much the caretaker and walker of a Shih Tzu. My ex chose our dog with my daughter based on the fact that it was the smallest in the litter and  fit in a purse. What I have never understood is why it follows me everywhere as I don’t own a purse.


Living The Dream, or Left Holding the Check

Patience is something I was not known for but have had to learn as a core life skill. Having a tantrum, rolling around on the floor and stomping your feet does not have a lot of effect if no one is listening and life’s chores need completing, including walking the dog.

The glamourous life of the single parent starts at daybreak preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, picking up a multitude of shoes, school bags and dirty laundry, getting homework done, paying bills, working to pay said bills, then to finally get back into the comfort and peace of bed. At the end of a day filled with tasks love and laughter, there is always one more. I usually remember right when I’m climbing into bed that the dog has not been taken out yet. Last on your list, it’s on the top of your dog’s to do(o-doo…couldn’t help myself) list. Making the long, late, walk, and  cleaning  up after a shih tzu in a pink diamante collar is not a task anyone wants to do, but with the right attitude and amount of time I have come to like the peace and bright stars. I have learned to use this time to switch off. To come down from the day and just breathe before going to bed. Which leads me to…

Point of View

Its all how you look at it. Lose your ego and pick yourself up and pick up after others.

After my divorce I found myself on many occasions  attending my own pity party. Its easy to get stuck and focus on what happened to you or what your think life or someone owes you but the truth is that sometimes “it” happens.  It took me years to realize that I can look at these parts of life with a glass “half full” or “half empty”. For me the revelation came when I understood that I am the one deciding the size of glass and the amount of water.

It’s easy to sit, harder to stand, unless you realize your already standing.

Your legs still work.

It’s not the end of your life but just the beginning of something new, that could be better, bigger, happier and even more exciting.

Picking up Poop

We all have things in our life that stink. Living life can be dirty. Whatever you’re left with on your lawn, you have to pick it up or clean your life up and set off again. So look at your trials and tribulations for what they are. Change your point of view, and your attitude and move on to a positive outlook on life and your next challenge.

With Love and Patience

Love Thom + Minnie







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  1. Tara
    May 03, 00:11 Reply
    Aw yeah, I remember back when I had a Yorkshire terrier, my dad at first refused to walk the dog out of fear of looking "unmanly". Me, being the little diva that I was, used to refuse to pick up the poop when we did our nightly neighborhood walk with the dog. Both me and my dad learned to adjust though, and it eventually became second nature to us. As hard as it is, raising a dog, it is definitely rewarding as a dog's love is definitely one of the purest forms of love. They become a member of the family in a way.
  2. Bobby de Ortega
    May 03, 20:57 Reply
    Awesome point of view, Thom. Picking up poo with a great, positive attitude certainly beats the heck out of stepping in it. But then again, if we do then step in the doo-doo, we can still choose to see the sneaker as half empty or half full, can't we? ;B

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