Kid Stuff Help – Valentines Day

Kid Stuff Help – Valentines Day

How many times have you heard at 10pm the night before Valentine’s Day – “Dad, I need cards for  everyone in my class tomorrow.”


Now you could try the late night Wal-Mart, but…

1. You have to deal with the scary “people of Wal-Mart…”

2. You have to deal with the even scarier, pre-Valentine’s Day“people of Wal-Mart, and

3. Tried that last year and your son had to hand out 30 Powerpuff Girls and Unicorn cards that carried a year’s worthof scaring and shame…

We are here to help.

Problem solved.

Check out and print your own!

Enter the names of the kids in the class, and boom. You’re done, problem solved…

Hopefully you have candy and don’t have to tape a carrot on the front (tried it… not appreciated).

Thom S.

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