Learning to Love, I Mean Cook Again…

Learning to Love, I Mean Cook Again…

Or for the First Time.

After the tears have dried, and the cycles of life start spinning again…

It Part of the Food Pyramid...

It’s Part of the Food Pyramid…

the seas calm, the boat  is still afloat… the weapons of war holstered, you look at your beautiful children and realize you can’t cook.

Lets face it, my English genes don’t help with my culinary skills. I come from the land of “Toad in the Hole”, “Bubble and Squeak”, “Steak and Kidney Pudding” and of course “Spotted Dick” for desert. For 17 years I was spoiled  being married to someone that could find an old bag of beans and turn it into an amazing meal. So life changes and we move on and learn new skills.

For the record, in my position as head household chef, I have never poisoned or given anyone the slightest bellyache.  My cooking career, as with a lot of guys, was king of the Barbie not the kitchen. Which by the way makes no sense. If you can’t cook inside, why do we think we can outside? Anyway grilling 21 times a week can get a little old so it was time for an old dog to learn new tricks.

Learn A few Signature Dishes

Six years ago I found myself having to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for three kids. Instead of  pulling out a cookbook, . I started improving on some basics (If you have a passion for cooking,  ignore this part and send in your tips).  My “signature dishes”.  As the world of work and home is so busy, I keep it simple and quick. Most of my evening meals take no more than 30 mins to prepare. My basic favorites that the kids love and with busy school schedules mean they can eat and run. I am the true master of chili. I have even created my own recipe  “Queens Chili” that I convinced my kids was handed down through the generations and enjoyed by William the Conqueror (the truth of this story is that this recipe remained a secret for less than 30 minutest as my daughter knows the capacity of my memory and things that need to be remembered are stored in Notes on my iPhone… darn her brilliant mind…. and of course rolled eyes as she saw my “secret ingredients”) Other dishes include the mastery of “Shepard’s Pie”,sliders, tacos and tandoori chicken. Find your own. Don’t stress it. Keep it simple and healthy though your ingredients.


Other Ideas on Feeding the Troops


  • Dont Sweat it –  Order In from Foodler or GrugHub and get restaurant food delivered to your home


  • Save Time on the Grocery Shopping and have a professional get all the stuff and ingredients together for you. I am intrigued with these companies – hellofresh, plated and blueapron. Have you used them yet? How was your experience? Please let us know.


What has been your experiences in the kitchen since going through your breakup or divorce? Please share your tips.

Last. Relax. Your alive, you can do this!


P.S – If you would like to help those less fortunate and feed some hungry families please consider a donation to your local food bank at feedingamerica.org

P.P.S – Send me an email and Ill share the “Queens Chili” secret for free.

P.P.S – I had to post this. I sometimes go a little overboard on trying to plan, organize and of course have fun. Well I started a weekly plan, that was completed by my sons friends. Its four years old but it still reminds me how far we have come…

Failure to Plan, Is to Plan to Fail...

Failure to Plan, Is to Plan to Fail…

Watch out Gordon Ramsey here I come!

  • Mexi Monday
  • China Tuesday
  • Wales Wednesday
  • Turkish Thursday
  • Finnish Friday
  • Slumdog Saturday
  • Sushi Sunday



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  1. Chris
    January 19, 14:07 Reply
    Once you have a few basic dishes figured out, I've found that it's pretty easy to switch up a few little details and make them into something new! Whether it's changing a side dish, or switching up your sauce... I'm a big fan of making a very basic chicken, but then adding a difference sauce to it each time (BBQ, honey mustard, etc.). Same basic recipe, but some easy variations to make it different!
  2. Kendall O
    February 24, 11:25 Reply
    It also makes it harder when you are not cooking for two adults, I find. Your meals become more kid-centric, it’s a whole new style of cooking! Quick dinners, build your own type meals, and bright colors make it fun for kids. and teach healthy habits. Love your weekly plan!

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