Leaving the Nest – Part Four, Princess Edition.

Leaving the Nest – Part Four, Princess Edition.

Single Parenting and College

My parenting self-image might be a little over stated…

This is only the Princess edition if the said princess is the type that kicks some serious butt.

I’m talking the “I’m in Charge, Game Of Thrones Type” of Princess. I am very proud of my daughter. She continues to be one of the most mature, creative, and level-headed people I know. Even through our divorce, many times she would step in as the voice of reason and take control with a maturity beyond her years. With that being said, she will leave a giant hole in our household full of boys in a few weeks when she heads west for college. Yes, there will be a mountain less of dirty laundry, plates, pots, and pans from her cooking, but there will be a large hole in our home.

If you have followed for a while, I have attached the links below to “Leaving the Nest” Parts 1-3. Interestingly, if I have learned anything over the last seven years a as a single parent, it’s that I don’t know much. But I do have faith in my kids’ abilities and the people they have become and continue to grow into. So no matter what bumps they may face, broken wings, or returns to the nest, I believe that they are ready or will be for their futures.

Some things never change – Take the Confrontation out of Co-parenting

So where as we know life change is constant, that we get older and “creek-ier” and our nests get smaller, we still have to deal with our ex’s as parents especially when it comes to our finances. This came up recently with the transitions and costs of college.  As a firm believer that life is way too short to be grumpy, I wanted to look at ways to make college financial discussions less confrontational and looked to a new IMO Featured Partner SupportPay.com that you should check out.

Simply put: it’s awesome.

You can set up an account on your own or with your partner and enter things like alimony or child support payments, or the day to day stuff, and for me now the endless list of college supplies and costs. It’s not about the “look what I’m doing” or spending, but just keeping life plain and simple and on paper where there is no need for an argument or discussion on who paid for the last notebook, lunch bag or gas. So check it out and help lighten the load, so when your little bird leaves the nest, you can fly a little lighter too.

I have a feeling there is another “nesting” coming in a few weeks, as well as in a couple more years with my youngest. But in the mean time continue fly above the negative and only settle for the perfect nest.

With Love,



Get the App – Quit the Arguing


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