Love… & what I’ve learned in a year.

Love… & what I’ve learned in a year.

What a Difference a Year Makes!

You Reap What you Sow

You Reap What you Sow

Well it does if you decide to grow and move on.

What has happened in the last 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and 31,536,000 seconds? As one of the greatest ever band songs of wisdom “it only takes a minute girl, to fall in love, to fall in love”. Well maybe not but you can decide to change your attitude any second or moment of the day or year.

Last year’s valentine line from Thom.

This time last year I would say my attitude was great.  A lot has happened. Some good some not so good. Two of my best friends that I love both received a  clear report on their cancer. My ex has remarried. Life moves incredibly fast and so do the seconds. I’ve had my own personal health scares and am glad to back in the gym. My IMO passion to help others continues to grow with the site daily. I can barely contain our new partner… but mums the word and stay tuned for March 1st.

But what about the ME me?


I’m a student of Life forever. I say “I’m” because you don’t have to be. You can choose to float through this adventure until your deathbed (or depending on where your floating… your flushed..).

Or you can choose to paddle,

Occasionally to the far shore,

In the rapids,

And sometimes capsize.

This last year I have definitely gargled a lot of water. Chosen to swim in uncharted territory and wrecked a few boats. I don’t care what people say the process of change sucks. Taking any step out of the norm, your comfort zone, lowering your invisible wall, is always a gut wrenching, nail biting and stressful experience. But I have yet to try something new or bitten a nail I have regret. The process itself clans and clears the mind and body. So I encourage everyone to buy a ticket, and set sail, to try something new this next 31,536,000 seconds.

As a side note, each week Ii usually ask for your thoughts and experiences. I get a lot of personal correspondence but not many through the site. Remember this is your community. So step out of the slow current, and sign up today and lend your voice to our swift current and help other. It’s simple and secure.

Did you know you can set up your own Group discussion board? You can share your voice, story or even business if it can help the community. Join today and lend your voice to the millions that journeyed with us last year.

Isn’t this this what the journey is all about? Living, Experiencing and Loving life with those you meet on your journey?


Can I skip this section? In a year what I have learned is that I have to repeat a grade….Again….

I have over the years progressed to the point of really being happy with myself, and my life. But I still know something is missing. (Reference our favorite IMO life book “The Big O) but I’m not out their hunting. I’m at peace, but I’m getting closer to want to share that peace. My kids and family are a blessing that I cannot express and their love is amazing. So this year I dabbled and failed in finding that someone to love. I chose other paths and my passions were focused on my home.

The goal for next year’s post… sending a Valentine.

Are you Bumbling, Matching, or with the “Farmersonly”?. Loving self, but missing another?  Let us know about your trials and tribulations in the dating world.

Dreams & Aspirations – 

Never Give up. Never Give In. Continue to Believe in yourself.

Sometimes it’s the small stuff. Right now I’m learning to wallpaper, a small room that’s not changed in a decade.

“Time for the wallpaper not to match the drapes…. change is good”

So for all you other travelers that have not settled on the rocky/sandy shores of a new relationship don’t be put off by this year’s Valentines.

Do something different – Send Instead  to –

  • Your Mum – Always loves flowers, or a card, or a call. just send Love!
  • Your Bestie – Surprise them with a card or dinner. If its the opposite sex be careful…
  • Your Kids – How cool for your daughter to get flowers at school.. Let those horrible boys know what they are up against.
  • Self – Love – Do something for you. You deserve it.

Here’s to another year and what exciting life changing adventure it will bring.

With Love, Thom.

P.S. Join today – “Live, think and act today. Tomorrow maybe too late” Fortune cookie

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  1. Mark Demos
    February 10, 09:39 Reply
    Thanks for the perspective Thom. It is easy to forget how far we have come. When we define success by what we are not or didn't do we lose. When we remember to write down all we have and have done life looks so different.

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