Love. The end.

Love. The end.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

― Christian Moulin Rouge

(From Thom’s sensitive side…)

Not only one of the best love stories …ever.. but a great perspective for life.  No I’m not suggesting we all find  prostitutes to fall in Love with them (all though Pretty Woman is another favorite), but I do believe that it is “better to have loved and lost, than to never to have loved at all.”

Have you been “cured” of the need to be loved or love someone?

The one truth in all these Hollywood movies is that loosing a loved one can feel like the end. But as with Christian in Moulin Rouge, from darkness came a light. He had a life changing story to tell, that made his life richer and deeper for the pain he went through.

What are your Expectations?

Many of us wake up expecting to be loved. To be honored or wanted by others.  Falling in love is the easy part, maintaining that love is difficult. It takes daily positive effort. Just because we are married or have children, we cannot stop investing in our partners.  To put them first, and grow with them not apart from them.

But it’s not always that simple. People suffering from sexual addiction for example, their lives spiral out of control with the need to be wanted by others. Leading to the end of the current relationship to the need of the rush from new experiences.

It’s freeing when we “move on” to simply “love another” for who they are in life. Meeting lost souls—where they are—and loving them, not empowering or enabling, but just loving, gives us the freedom to love ourselves where we are.

Vive la révolution! to “Move on”.

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While we are on the Subject of Love. Make sure you didn’t miss our new contributors voice, Philip Rang.

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All you need is love



Ps, What is your favorite Love Story? Lets create an IMO Community Top 10.

I vote…

  1. Moulin Rouge
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Braveheart
  4. Officer and a Gentleman
  5. Titanic
  6. Lost in Translation
  7. Nottinghill
  8. Dr Zhivago
  9. The Notebook
  10. Love Actually
  11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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  1. Aundie Donohue
    February 02, 22:04 Reply
    The Titanic gets me every time. Must be my fear of the ocean, causes anxiety.
  2. Thom Slade
    February 02, 22:32 Reply
    Titanic is a great one, but really there was room for two on the float...I question her commitment to the relationship long term.
  3. Aundie Donohue
    May 22, 12:00 Reply
    Dr. Zhivago is now a winner in my book... It may have been scandalous, but it was epic!
  4. Jason Clark
    June 06, 03:46 Reply
    Nice one. The desire to be loved and wanted is present in every one with flesh and blood. Very few, if not none can survive without attention and love from others. That line, "Many of us wake up expecting to be loved. To be honored or wanted by others." says it all. That's the truth. P.S. My favorite is and will always be Titanic. Eternal!!!

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