Make the Most of Your Time – 5 Time Management Tips for During Divorce

Make the Most of Your Time – 5 Time Management Tips for During Divorce

Divorce is tough. It takes a toll on you, especially when you are juggling work, divorce legalities, taking care of your children and emotions. It might seem impossible at first to be able to handle all these tasks, however, with proper time management, it is achievable. Here are 5 time management tips for during divorce.

Prioritize –This first step involves identifying what it is exactly that requires your utmost attention. An easy way of doing this is by writing down a priority list what is to be handles first. This is important as it will help you properly allocate sufficient time to each task. For example, being there for you child is more important than your emotions, therefore it would come first on your priority list.

Outcome –With the priority list already prepared, you need to outline what possible outcomes you expect from fulfilling the tasks outlined on the list. Possible outcomes may involve, being emotionally present with your children during these trying times, spending more time with your children, and overall family time. As a woman going through divorce, you need all the support you can get.

Needs–As soon as the desired outcomes are in order, you must highlight why you need such an outcome. Moreover, you must highlight why you must achieve the certain outcome you desire. It is only through identifying your needs for a specific outcome that you will be motivated to achieving it. Why do you need to offer emotional support to your children? In order to avoid the negative effects of the divorce from affecting the children, either with their school work or social life!

Tasks –This step mainly involves how you, as a parent, will achieve all the tasks you have listed on the priority list as well as how to realize the outcomes you have stated alongside the list. It is important to note that it does not matter how long achieving a certain task will take; rather, achieving the task is what matters. Do not let the thought of achieving the task overwhelm you. Believe in yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Timeline – Give yourself a timeline on when to achieve a certain task. Discipline is important during this divorce period. If you have set out to achieve a particular task, say in a week, make sure that you have done so. This will help you monitor your progress and at the end of the day, feel a certain sense of accomplishment.

Overall, proper time management through this difficult period of divorce can make a whole lot of difference, especially to a woman who has to juggle the legalities of the divorce, work, and home responsibilities. Prioritizing is the key to achieving proper time management.


Here are a few things we recommend to really help you become the time management ninja you have always wanted to become.


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