Making Lemonade Out of Vodka

Making Lemonade Out of Vodka

Life and mornings can take a u-turn real quick.

Father Daughter Bonding With Drunk Drivers

Father Daughter Bonding With Drunk Drivers

(Originally posted 8/6/14 – Don’t skip my usual P.S. below!)

The usual morning of juggling work and summer kids activities this day included an annual physical at the Doctors with my daughter. After surviving conversation regarding menstrual cycles (still uncomfortable, it took me years of marriage not to hide the tampons under the bread at the grocery store…. but that’s another move on), the day looked fantastic. Clear blue sky, warm sunny day, I think I may have even been cheerfully whistling along until that is, in a split second I saw a car appear in front of me and then only airbags and smoke.

In an intersection of our small residential neighborhood, an SUV at 9 am apparently was being driven by a women with not only a purse of open pills and containers marked “do not take with alcohol” but also a water bottle full of vodka. We were the first of three cars she hit, flipping the last. Thank God no one was seriously hurt, especially my daughter.

The days  following I had terrifying visions of how quickly I could have lost one of my children and a burning anger at the stupidity and selfishness of that drunk driver. This anger though did eventually cool and turn turn to pity for that 50 year old woman driven to drink and pills before breakfast. I wondered what had driven her to that point in her life on that day and at that time.  There is no excuse for it, but I do wonder under what circumstances it could be me.

Divorce and breakups can feel like a car crash. You can spend decades with someone in the same bed to find them gone tomorrow. One founding principle that has lead me through a separation, and divorce is the phrase

“It’s always darkest before the dawn”

Yes its cheesy, but the “sun will come up tomorrow” and you don’t have to bet your “bottom dollar” whatever that is..

So remember no matter how dark, lonely, scared or sad you feel today, each day a new adventure or opportunity awaits. It might not be a Prince on a Charger, but maybe an experience to run your first 5K, take a yoga, cooking or dance class. The key is to look inward and find your own passions and enjoy life for yourself in that moment. Because we don’t know what awaits us at life’s next intersections.

I also found that I love and enjoy to write. Why not try? Join and express your thoughts at HERE.

Wherever you are or if you know someone that needs help, let’s continue the journey together.

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With Love & Lemonade,


P.S. This is a an old post from August from 2014 that I found and wanted to repost as a reminder what a positive blessing writing can be as we “move on”. Life moves so quickly that events and thoughts are to quickly forgot. Reading again I am reminded how lucky we were that day. We could have been killed, I could have lost a daughter, or my kids their father. So be thankful for each day and each breath and use your life to help and be kind to others.

P.P.S AND as a continued reminder. Don’t just be a reader of life, Write! and Journal! Use the events on your path to show how far you have come. You can sign up today at and start your own blog. Use our site, keep it private or post for the world. Its Free! and its Freeing!!! Click HERE to join and start. Questions? Email me at


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