How to Guide – Marital Happiness

How to Guide – Marital Happiness

A recent study ranked the top 10 factors that influenced marital happiness, shown here in descending order of importance.

  1. Love between spouses (Duh!)
  2. Willingness and ability to communicate (Double duh!)
  3. Loyalty (Yup!)
  4. Children (That’s why we should all adopt teens that already have full scholarships to Stanford.)
  5. Income (Money can buy you love apparently)
  6. Sexual life (That’s what she said.)
  7. Relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (What about just plain old mother and daughter relations?)
  8. Relationship with in-laws in general (Just move out already!)
  9. Housing conditions (In a tent or in a caravan . . . I’m out)
  10. Housework allocation (Who allocates? This must be a German survey… Sorry Germans but my Grandmother was from Dusseldorf and I know)

The survey also found that people who have been married for less than three years were the happiest demographic while those who have been married from seven to 10 years were enjoying their marriages the least.

What do you think the drivers are for Marital Happiness?

What worked and didn’t work for you?

What changes are you going to make in the future?

Email us your thoughts Here and let’s start the discussion.

Let us know &  Best of Luck!

Thom & Team

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  1. Aundie Donohue
    November 21, 09:13 Reply
    Like the song goes... All you need is love.. and 10 other very important things in balance to keep a marriage going strong.. Where is that in the song lyrics?! I have never been married but this list sounds pretty good to me, I am sure if all the listed above were rocking then that marriage would be pretty solid. Maybe minus the relationship with the in-laws... I am not sure that should get in the way of someone being happy with their partner?
  2. Anonymous
    September 06, 21:53 Reply
    OK, in order... Love is an action verb. Think about that. It's also a choice. Activating that in a marriage makes or breaks it. Communication is probably the most important factor in any partnership. Miscommunication just had to be cleaned up. All the fun stuff is messy, so my thinking lies in the reality where miscommunication happens. The secret is in the dedication to cleaning it up. If someone doesn't get loyalty, just throw them off the island with the others who feel the same. They deserve each other. Kids. The best blessing and most challenging undertaking ever. Ever. See communication. Income. Money can't buy love. It can buy distraction. It's a shame to me that people don't crave something more substantial for themselves. The S-word. If anyone says it doesn't matter, they are lying or else I feel sorry for them. They are missing out. My former in-laws actually caused lots of hardship in my marriage. At some point, you have to allow your kids to grow up and make their own choices. And then you have to support their choices, even if they aren't your choices. Marriage is tough enough. Making it harder just generally sucks for everyone. Housing conditions???? Really? I think I need more information here... Tents are ok for a weekend. Chores, well, I do everything so what's the difference? Everything is more fun with a partner in crime. :)
    • Thom Slade
      September 06, 23:24 Reply
      Love, Love Love! Thanks and I'm glad we share the same sense of humor! I want to hear more from you and your thoughts!

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