Of course I’ve modeled…

Confessions of a Former Hair Model

Confessions of a Former Hair Model

It was at the peak of my hair career, and it was long and I looked awesome. Then I did a hair modeling gig at a famous Salon in Manchester, and I thought it would be cool to look like Michael Huchinson of Inxs. Instead the perm turned me into Weird Al.

Thus endeth my hair modeling career…

Today, I still model. In fact each day I try again and BE a model of the best human being I can be for those around me and my kids. I still do have days though when I look like Weird Al, but mostly I aim for the Brad Pitt level. That is modeling the characteristics that attract and helps others.

Modeling Types – What’s your type?

  1. Saint or Sinner – No one is perfect. Everyone fails and has issues. Don’t get downhearted after a setback, but get back up and try again. The “key” is in the trying. Understand that your not an angel but at least try to be and make right decisions and choices. Also let you kids know this. Holding unachievable expectations on yourself and them will only lead to frustration and tension. Let them see you modeling working towards being a better person and parent, and that you are human and can fail just like them.
  2. Procrastinator or man of Action. Lead your kids by not just talking about your dreams or plans but acting on them. If your tired, rest. But if a job needs doing get it done and don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today. Model this to help your kids with their savings, homework and planning for the weekend.
  3. One of the Seven Dwarfs – If your Grumpy, decide to be happy. Attitude is the cheapest thing you can fix every day. Look after yourself Sneezy. Your family needs you, and you have a responsibility to them to be  physically and mentally healthy. Modeling a healthy lifestyles for your kids and those around you will help you all throughout your lives. Being Sleepy, Bashful, Dopey are also not strong traits to model. Recognize where you are and move on.
  4. Weird Al or Michael Huchinson – If your newly single. Give yourself a makeover. Not plastic surgery, but some new clothes, new hairdo and clean up those brown teeth. Show your kids that your doing ok.
  5. Calm or Storm – Watch this one and work on the calm. Lose modeling a wild storm. It’s ok to blow it sometimes, but apologize quickly and instead breathe and work on resolutions to conflict through conversation. For you stormier redheads, invest in a punching bag.
  6. You. – Let “You” shine. Drop the false personas, hang up the act. Love yourself not in a vain way, but understanding that your a good person wanting to do good for those around you. Be at peace with who you are.

To put it another way. Be fruitful, and exhibit “Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness and Self Control”.

Be the best You,

Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey & Thom (former hair model)


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  1. Tami
    April 02, 12:24 Reply
    I have no kids but the divorce was rough on my parents. They kept on asking us when we’ll have a baby and I hit them with the divorce news; my mom thought I was joking and my father was about to have a heart attack… I went through the usual post-breakup routine: new hair, new clothes and a smaller body thanks to a kickass PT. I’m on the road to recovery but I have a lot of issues to deal before trying to find love again.
  2. Thom Slade
    April 02, 15:06 Reply
    Tami, Thanks for your comments. You also need to "model" for your parents. Them seeing you healthy and happy will over time give them some peace about your long term decisions. Also 100% agree on waiting until your ready for your next love. History has a way of repeating itself until you are ready to re-write. Perhaps you can help others with your IMO experience. What was the "kick ass" PT that you undertook? What did you do, why did you choose it? Maybe give us some tips to get our own smaller bods! All the best, Thom

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