Monday Meditation – Self-Love

Monday Meditation – Self-Love

Monday Meditation

Week 1: Self-love

The beginning stages of a divorce or heartbreak are the most difficult.  Its a time of heavy emotional processing.  As you transition from one state of being to another, you must also continue to juggle the rest of your responsibilities.  It can feel overwhelming to think about slogging through and surviving the experience.  So the thought of thriving probably feels a bit out there and maybe even a little silly.  But thrive you can!  By prioritizing self-love and adding in a healthy dose of perspective you will emerge a stronger more joyfully authentic version of yourself.  It’s the times when we are stopped in our tracks by pain that we are challenged to grow and evaluate the way we’ve been operating in our lives.  This kind of contemplation and re-organization can reveal new pathways that lead to a life that is a major upgrade in mind, body, and soul.  Below are my top tips for practicing self-love and shifting your perspective.

  1. Accept that there will be good days and bad.  At times you will feel free and optimistic, while at other times you may just want to cry.  Love yourself enough to let yourself feel the sadness.  As you process your emotions remember to have compassion for your own pain.
  2. Communicate, don’t ruminate!  When rumination takes over and you are tempted to go over situations again and again in your mind- STOP that thought loop and communicate instead!  Call a trusted friend or family member and be honest about what you’re experiencing.  Sometimes just telling people that you’re trying to keep your mind off of things will pull you out of your head and shift your perspective.  Allow yourself to be comforted by those who love you.
  3. No Negativity.  While we’re on the subject of communication, after you get past the initial let it out frustration moment, it’s better not to talk negatively about your ex with friends or family.  Be sure that you let them know your wishes regarding this.  Sometimes those around us think they are helping by speaking negatively about an ex, but in truth it keeps us stuck and in a space of non-forgiveness.  The goal is to accept what happened, forgive, and move toward a new future joyfully.  It’s impossible to lean in to a beautiful future while holding on to anger and perpetuating negativity.  Instead of talking about the past, dream about the future.  You will end up feeling better so much faster.
  4. Make a list.  Take some time to write a list of all of the things you want to explore now that you are focusing on yourself.  The most loving thing you can do for yourself is to fill your life with the things and experiences that make you feel excited!  Put yourself into a state of flow as often as possible.  Whatever it is that makes you feel completely immersed and like time is flying by- Do That!
  5. *Practice mindfulness.  When in a state of grief, its hard not to feel distracted by thoughts about the past relationship.  Mindfulness is a great way to strengthen your ability to bring yourself into the present moment.  Setting up a daily meditation practice is a great place to start.
  6. Use positive self-talk.  Be sure that the way you think about yourself and your internal dialogue are in line with the way you would talk to and think about a best friend whom you love and admire.

As difficult as the process can be, know that you are not alone.  There are people in your life who care for you and people right here in the online community who are experiencing the same emotions that you are.  Remember that this is merely a season it will not last forever.  Dont try to skip it, embrace it.  The pain shows you that you are capable of great caring for another person.  And this new beginning is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a life that you love! Many things in life are out of our control, but luckily our perspective is not one of them.  Shift your thinking from what you are losing to what you can be gaining. You will quickly see that with this mindset your life will begin to populate with new friends, hobbies, and experiences.  Happy Creating!

Monday Meditation – Week One – Self Love by Brittany Madrid

Watch or Listen to help you prepare for the week – Relax and Enjoy.



Prepare for the week with a short meditation led by TV personality Brittany Madrid of BZenTV


*Tune in Next Monday for another easy to follow meditation that will help body, spirit and mind prepare for another week moving on to the new you.

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