Prepare for the weekend – Mood, Happiness, & Music

Prepare for the weekend – Mood, Happiness, & Music

If music be the food of love………

I have told you a little before of my musical journey, you will know that I have already been to the Crossroads, signed on the dotted line, and been spat out the other side…

But the want, no, the need, to express my feelings in a song has never left me. Overhearing a conversation on a train, having an uproarious conversation with a friend, may lead me to make a hurried excuse to leave just so i can jot down the line that may well lead on to a whole new song. I guess I see it as snapshots of life being stored forever, in the everyday language of humanity, this, is surely one of the greatest ways to share a memory…
On the flip side, through my work in music therapy, to be able to express anger, pain, remorse, or even loss through lyric and song is such a relief somehow, and certainly a release for us to analyse our true feelings and let it out. Self expression is the one true valve to let all the confusion and hurt out….. and, to maybe start letting a bit of love in?!?!
So today lets talk about the love song….. ahhhh don’t leave me I’m not going to force some Michael Buble’ on you , as even ‘Stan’ by Eminem is , in its own way, a love song.
Now I can easily give you a formula- Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Verse, Chorus, middle 8, Double Chorus, End. But I’d like to get you into the mindset to truly express how you feel. Honesty in art is a true gift, as is belief in yourself.
There is no right or wrong in songwriting, it is a simple way of crafting something that resembles you and your feelings. Do not be scared to express yourself, and do not let your life be defined by the boundaries of others.

Only listen to the ‘Yes’ voice…….

With that in mind, I find songs can be sparked in 2 ways, firstly from a musical refrain or riff. If you are just discovering an instrument, you may suddenly hear a group of notes or chords that sound good to your ear..
Or from a lyric, most people have a notepad app on their phone these days, these are fantastic for tapping in particular lines and rhymes that you may hear in passing then store away for later use. A lot of times I have come up with a start of a song then flicked through my phone pad and found other cool lines to go with it.
As an introduction to songwriting find one lyric line that really means a lot to you, set this as your chorus, it should be something with a lot of vowel sounds and repeatable…….I mean really repeatable… Now pen a few four line verses that explain this chorus… Try to use mostly major chords in the chorus, and throw in a few minors in the verses…. And there you go, the first stepping stone to your world of rock !! Just remember the above is just to get you going there are NO RULES!!!!!
So if ‘music be the food of love………..PLAY ON!!!


Handy hints

Take 2 app by propellerheads… Is a phone app where you can get a drum loop going and have 3 extra tracks to record vocals. It has a compressor with reverb and vocal tuning to really make your voice sound great in your headphones.

Voice recorder app– if you think of a line you can sneak to the bathroom and record it.

Extra reading
Stuck using the same GarageBand beats?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Dennis DeSantis, Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers Is a guide for diversifying your music
The KLF’s 1988 The Manual (How To Have A Number One The Easy Way). Is a nitty gritty guide to make your music assessable
Ben Chasny of Six Organs Of Admittance has recently invented a new, chance-based system for guitar composition called Hexadic, using an ordinary deck of cards The Hexadic System book and cards can be bought from;
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  1. Jen
    May 04, 16:26 Reply
    Love these thoughts. Music is a great way to change your mood positively and to express yourself. Thanks for sharing your sources of inspiration -- mine are usually personal experiences.
  2. Ramona
    November 13, 16:12 Reply
    I knew I couldn't be the only one who turned to music in dark times. I have my calm songs for when doing homework, my upbeat songs for when I'm in a sad mood. I have songs for working out, and songs for walking down the street. It's a great resource for inspiration in everyday activities.

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