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Awesome is Singular


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Remember every cloud has a silver lining. Fall in love with “you” again.

A great “Thom-ism” to live by.

Causal, comfortable and loose fitting, our lightweight t-shirts will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 100% cotton, they wear well on everyone! You can select from multiple designs in our shop that are all designed by our favorite artist Bobby De Ortega.

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Thom Slade
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“Healing for the broken hearted. A map, guide and community to move on positively/fantastically in life with a healthy beaming smile”
Thom. Thom is the originator and alter-ego of Divorce Survivor, Single Parent, and now moving on to new adventures in Life. Follow his journey here every week, or on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Wellandjoy
    August 19, 16:49 Reply
    I really love the owesome is singular t-shirt... you are very creating with your product

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