Motivational Monday – “It’s easy to suck, but the opposite can generate a cheerful whistle.”

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Thom Slade
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“Healing for the broken hearted. A map, guide and community to move on positively/fantastically in life with a healthy beaming smile”
Thom. Thom is the originator and alter-ego of Divorce Survivor, Single Parent, and now moving on to new adventures in Life. Follow his journey here every week, or on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Ramona
    September 15, 20:23 Reply
    Haha short, sweet and interesting. Though I'm still deciding if there's a deeper meaning we're meant to understand or take from this quote. I'll figure it out soon I guess. However, I do like these and hope they continue to be a thing. Thank you for sharing your motivational message.
  2. Cait
    September 16, 09:34 Reply
    Another great Thomism! I would much rather go through life with a cheerful whistle!

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