New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Happy Easter everyone! Says the annoying little rabbit for the fortieth time since my kids started pressing the button. Every easter I always think back to that extremely annoying rabbit with the high pitched voice and the carrot in his hand. Those details still bring a real smile to my face.

Easter is Time for putting to death old past behaviors and greavencies and remembering that Christ died for all, as we ALL suck. I really don’t like to point fingers as we all have our own issues. Someone once pointed out to me that when we “point” a finger at someone we have three of our own fingers pointing back at us.

This Easter. Was a new first. I invited my ex to go to church with us and she came. Its funny that as she was late, and the church was packed I looked around and saw behind me two friends. Both divorced, one remarried (his ex was on of My ex’s running partners), he looked extremely happy and my other friend whose runaway ex just announced her engagement. I wondered what they would think when mine sat with me.

I have come to the place, where I know we all have levels of failure. The alcoholic, the adulterer, someone with a miscible or mean spirit, we all are imperfect. Somewhat to do. I believe in starting a gain each and every day, and try to be a better person for myself and others around me. Not for self righteousness,definitely not that.. Just it’s the only way to be, and find peace, and move on. Trying to do the right thing is always judged by someone, the same way that doing the wrong thing always is.

Xxxx need to work on this one. Odd fit, already deleted parts

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