Own Your Spot – Download from the App Store Today!

Own Your Spot – Download from the App Store Today!


Sometimes life feels messy, unclear, and disheartening. When we wake up feeling left behind, and when we’re met with the dark, cold embrace of loneliness and misunderstanding we have two options.

(1) Revel in our misery; or

(2) Get up and make the conscience decision to take the next step of our journey, knowing tremendous opportunity awaits.  

Community plays a vital role in our journey.  And this is why OwnYourSpot is here.

WHAT IS OwnYourSpot

OwnYourSpot (OYS) is a community-centric, social-storytelling app that empowers you through your self-discovery and journals each step in a safe, simple and supportive way so you can track your progress.


This motivating social media experience is your platform to channel your energy in productive and
meaningful ways through three “
home” screens: Discover, Share and Reminisce.  You decide which one one you need, when you need it.

Discover: Go here if you’re looking for inspiration. You’ll find stories and people based on what you’re into.

Share: Share your stories. Here you chart your journey and celebrate milestones through stories that grow with you and inspire others.  

Reminisce:  See how far you’ve come in your private, visual journal. We also give you shortcuts to anything you followed to make sure it’s easy for you to look back on the people and stories that inspired you most. 

READY?  Let’s go!


  • Download and sign-up on www.ownyourspot.com.  What are you passionate about? Tell us as much or as little as you want to create your profile.


  • Click “Share” on home screen.
  • Add a photo (or many, if you want to make a gif or slideshow). Is it in a meaningful location? If so, make sure your location is on! Tag the spot with any descriptive passions to ensure others can find it and get inspired. Write a description to tell how you feel in the moment.
  • Voila!  Congratulations. You’ve made a huge step in your journey.
  • Here you see Belinda Rose: She starts with a single photo of her hiking sandals, tags a variety of passions (RipItOff, NewStart, HikingShoes), names her spot, tells how she feeks and commits her journey in writing! She names her story “My journey to my better self” and she’s done.  See it here.

  • As your journey continues, add more spots to your story.  And at anytime create additional stories to represent other components of your journey and life!
  • Belinda wants to add more spots to her story to take us on her journey.  She creates a slideshow by adding many photos from her hike and sets speed to “slow”. She fills out her spot details, taps “Add to existing” and selects the story to add to.


  • Click “Discover”.
  • On OYS you’re never alone. OYS makes finding others like you and getting inspired by others’ experiences easier than ever with ability to search by passion, location or both!  This is where all milestones are celebrated along the journey.
  • To the right Belinda searches Spots for “Art” (one of her passions). To the left Belinda searches “Around the world” for stories tagged with “RipItOff”.

  • “Vibe” people, spots and stories that you appreciate and support.
  • Reply to spots to engage in supportive dialogue (you can comment with text, reply with a story or invite another person to the conversation).  
  • If you’re so inspired by a specific spot, “snag” it and put it in one of your stories or start a new one (many people create a bucket list for this).
  • When you’re inspired by a person or story, follow it — you’ll have a shortcut to easily find it later in “Reminisce”
  • Below Belinda discovers a story “Rip it Off”.  It resonates, and she wants a shortcut to it — she pushes “Follow Story”. She sends good vibes by pushing “vibe”. To engage in dialogue, she selects the tab 3rd from the left and adds her comment

See you on OwnYourSpot!

With OwnYourSpot you are part of a community that inspires you to be your best.

Whatever ripping-off-the-bandaid means to you, OwnYourSpot helps you reach those goals, track your growth, and build supportive connections along the way.

Join today to inspire others and inspire yourself!!

Get the app here: https://www.ownyourspot.com

Learn more about what we do and who we are here: https://www.ownyourspot.co


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  1. Thom Slade
    February 22, 10:51 Reply
    Thom is ON! Follow activities by looking at "ripitoff" or "ivemovedon" keywords

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