Owning It.

Owning It.

Recently I’ve started reading a book called Get Your Shit Together. I’m about half way through and it’s absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend reading it. Some very valid points and I’m trying to introduce some of these tactics into my routine. But my reality is no matter how many self help books I read, my shit will probably never be fully together.

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Sometimes I feel as though I’m a Sim and the big man in the sky is looking down laughing at me. In my first week of “real” adulting (my post graduation life back after the holidays) I was bombarded with chaos. My dear friend Malayna and I had a terrifying experience driving from Texas back to Nashville. We were caught in snow, ice, and witnessed an 80 car pileup….needless to say we had a guardian angel. Next, I had issues with Legal Zoom registering my business…still a touchy subject. And to top it ALL off…..the sunroof of my car shattered with ice on it, causing snow to leak inside my car…..needless to say my car has a very unique smell now.

Sometimes I think its more empowering to accept & own your shit rather than try to have it all together because in reality most people don’t have it together. At least for me, I feel like accepting the fact that your life isn’t Instagram perfect takes some of the pressure off….my life could probably be Instagram perfect in the shitshow way, but hey my stories are pretty entertaining. The D.I.Y. sunroof makes for a good laugh, a funny story, and a one of a kind blog post.

Anyway, if you feel like you’re drowning or a bad luck magnet (with shattering sunroofs & getting pooped on by birds), just know you’re not alone. Someone’s life, somewhere is probably falling apart just as much as yours. Hint, it’s probably mine. Be a badass & own your shit. You’ve got this.

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