Paused Long Enough..

Paused Long Enough..

Time to change the cassette?

Different decade? OK, skip that old track…

"Time to Hit Play?"

“Time to Hit Play?”

If this image means anything to you, then it means your cool. Well cool in my world. I remember getting this as a gift. Who wouldn’t want a “waterproof” Walkman?

Hindsight though Rose Tinted Glasses.

This image does bring back great memories. But I also remember the sponge headphones  soaked up ocean and seaweed. The walkman chewing up tape. Fast forwarding until you found the song you were looking for (rewinding as you always went too far) or using a pencil to rewind as it saved batteries, and oh those batteries. It also wasn’t particularly waterproof, but at the time it was love.

Fast Forward to Today…

Are you clinging on to something, someone or a memory that needs to be upgraded?

Does your life feel like its stuck on pause while your going through a divorce or bad break up?

Time to Hit Play & change the track!

  1. Look at What and Who you’re listening to. Is it the same old negative message? Time to change that tape, get out and meet positive new people.
  2. Is the tape itself worn, warped or even held together with scotch tape? Then it might be time to release the past and work on a new future.
  3. Are you too busy fast forwarding past the truth, or rewinding and rehashing old wounds? Forgiveness is freedom.


“Don’t repeat the same mistakes by staying on the same track. Break the cycle, find your passions and try something new”.


Join us today.

Share your story, trials and triumphs of “life on pause”.

We want to hear from you.

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With Love,


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  1. Wellandjoy
    August 20, 07:16 Reply
    Yes, i've been there, only courageous people breaks the cycle! Those with a growth mind-set land on their feet, they acknowledge their mistakes and avoid people or things that brings negetivity, if you want change, you'll have to change, even if it's painful, the result will be rewarding.
  2. janice2
    August 26, 20:44 Reply
    It's important for people try to to get back to normal life. I really do agree with not putting your life on pause for too long. It can lead way to depression and worse. The most important part of recovering after divorce is making sure you press play again.
  3. Jason Clark
    August 29, 11:14 Reply
    Very nicely written. For far too long, I myself too used to cling on my past memories, failures and heart-breaks. It persisted, but only till the day I said to myself, "Move on man! You have taken birth for greater things in life." The day I embraced my passions with open arms and actually moved on life with the help of being always busy living it, those bad memories and experiences totally stopped coming in my way. I with that successfully broke the pause button of my life and have been on play status since then. Forgiveness is the essence in all this.

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